Overload on Vertices

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In some of the newer tracpacks, I opened the coasters in the editor to see how they were made so smooth, and I discover one vertex point literally every 7 ft. There is no way each of these was individually placed. How do they do it?

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Buster's Automatic Heartline Generator (AHG), it can be found at CoasterCandy.com
I have noticed that also. I have created some pretty decent tracks on NoLimits, but there are just some spots that don’t seem to flow.

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For all your NoLimits tool needs: http://nldc.interfix.net/toolbox

The tracks you're looking at have been designed in what's becoming the standard way to build coasters in NoLimits. That is, that you initially build the coaster's heartline path, generally unbanked and preferably constructed using NoLimits Elementary ( www.gravimetricstudios.com/elementary ) to ensure mathematical precision, and then bring up your heartline path in Buster's AHG. The AHG automatically re-builds your track a user defined distance away from the heartline and banks it appropriately as to minimize lateral Gs. It can get more complicated than that, but I think I've complicated it enough for you already. I suppose the simpler explanation is as follows:

High vertex counts are the result of math and more directly, use of the AHG in track construction.


Personally if a section doesn't flow I just play around with it until it does. Honestly it's rare that I use any sort of third party application to help with my tracks.

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Same here Paul. When I create tracks I put it into 3D mode and use W and S to go back and forth through a certain section and play with the end node to a smoother transistion. I've never used a 3rd party software to mess around with my tracks.

However, I've never heard of them, so I'm going to give them a try. Been working on this wooden twister with two crazy spiral drops that produces 0g's going down these spirals. I'm sure in real life they are impossible unless a cylinder of wooden supports (think of a Togo heartline twister coaster, only turned vertical and much wider so the riders ride the outside edge of the cylinder) could support it from the outside. Pretty neat nonetheless.

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Rob, when you're done with it, send me the file! I'd love to check that out. :)

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Thanks for all the info. Makes more sense now.

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