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Monday, February 17, 2003 9:33 AM
In what has now become a 3 year tradition, my mom, dad, my girlfriend Jessica, and I have ventured up to SFWOA during the Major League Baseball All-Star Week. We left the afternoon of the big game from a small town an hour south of Pittsburgh, heading for Aurora, Ohio where my family lives about 22 minutes from the park.

We arrived at the house around 6:40 with most of the family there to greet us. My Aunt Alexis and Uncle Bill were there. My cousin Dave was there with his girlfriend Chris. Chris had her two kids Bryan,10, and Ashley,12, there with her. My cosuin Paul was still at work at the restaurant he works at because they had high attendance for people wanting to watch the All-Star Game. Around 11, Paul got home, and Dave and Chris and her kids left. They would return around 10 tomorrow, for we were heading to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Around 8:20 the next morning, my alarm went off, and me and Jessica got up. Our moving around woke up everyone else eventually. Everyone took showers, and ate breakfast. I had CoCoa Puffs. On that day, I wore a navy blue old navy shirt, and cakcy(sp?) shorts. Around 9:57, Dave, Chris, Bryan, and Ashley arrived and we were off.

Around 10:30 we were at the park. My aunt got us tickets before hand, so we passed th 40 minute line for tickets, and went in to the park waiting for the gate to drop.

At 10:50 the rope dropped, and we were off. My mom, Aunt alexis, Uncle Bill, and Chris went off together, because they dont ride. My dad, Paul, and Bryan and Ashely went off, because they some some roller coasters, but not the big ones. And it was me, Jessica, and Dave, in a group because we'll ride anything.

First stop of the day was the Serial Thriller. In the front was me and Jessica, behind us was dave. We were first train of the day, and the line was hardly fillin up, so it was a walk-on. The ride fills better from the front. You can see what is ahead so you can brace your head. Overall, a decent ride.

Next up was Batman Knight Flight. Another very short wait. Only about 6 minutes. 2 train opertaion by the way. This ride stole the show the summer before, so I was pumped. Rode it twice to start off the day. In the front of course.

Next ride on the day was the Villain. Wait of about 10 minutes. Not half bad. This rides only minus is the trains. Sure, they look cool, but they really hurt your legs. They gave me leg cramps twice on the course of the day. Two rides on this one.

Since we were in the area, we did the Double Loop. Only cool parts were that we were the only ones on the ride, and the lift sounds so much like Magnum. the ride broke down shortly after and was down till around 5.

We were starting to get hot, so we were ready for a little Hurricane Harbor, but first, a ride on Raging Wolf Bobs. Or as I call it, Mr. Bill's Wild Ride. Ride wasn't too bad, quite relaxing for once. Was also a walk-on. Ended up riding it twice.

We headed over to Hurricane Harbor then, and we ended up running into my dad, Paul, Bryan, and Ashley. They had been on some flat rides, Big Dipper, Double Loop, Mid Eraser, The Villain, and Bryan and Paul went on Mr. Hyde.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Jessica and i opted to ride it with them, and they accepted. Only 2 cars were running, but the wait was like 2 minutes. I hadn't ridden it since I went in 2000, when i rode it twice. I enjoyed it, but I'm not a big fan of drop rides. We got on, and I was on the outside, Jessica was next to me, next to her was Bryan, next to her was Paul. We got to the top, about to drop. We waited.....and waited....and waited..... We broke down. We were there around 5 minutes, and it finally dropped. The maintenance men aplogized, and gave us a free ride. his time we didnt get stuck.

We went our seperate ways, and the three of us that were in a group went to hurricane harbor. We changed into swimming stuff and went into the wave pool. This thing got nothin on Mon Tsunami at Sandcastle. Jessica and I got in an hour long wait for the water slides. They played some pretty cool music in line. The slide itself wasn't too memorable though. We did the speed slides then, and hook's Lagoon for a bit, then we were done.

Next on our list was a bird calling our name from the Wave Pool for nearly 25 minutes. It was superman: Ultimate escape. Now that was brilliant. Me and Jessica took front, and dave took back. Every bit of that ride is perfect. About a 26 minute wait.

Mind Eraser was broken down, so none of that.

Then was the Big Dipper. 2 train operation, 3 train wait. I love this ride, rode it twice.

Then, we headed for the Wild Life Side. We took the front Board Walk to that side and immediately did some net Clmbing at Happy harbor.

Then we did the old Shark Encounter from Sea world. I went to Sea World with Dave when I was 5 and that was the new "big" thing at the park. The through the maze, and past Happy harbor to get in. Anyways, i love the music you hear when your nearing the building.

Anyways, we did, all the exhibits, the bird show, we saw the whale formerly known as shamu, and the sea lions.

We went back to the Wild Rides, and did some flat rides. we also hit Grizzly run. We rode BKF, RWB, The Villain, ST, S:UE, and The Big Dipper again.

Then we met up with the family as it neared 9:45. We saw the line for X-Flight was only 5 minutes. Me and Jessica grabbed Dave, and Paul came along to try this thing out.

I didn't get on X-Flight in 2001 because the line was 3 hours all day, so this was to me too. The four of us sat front row, as it was the shortest line. Only one station was open though, with one train running. That ride looked cool enough, but at night....HOLY CRAP! Vekoma at its best(somehow). Every part of that ride was perfect. Esspecially the pacing on the lift. You can see the loop and the big other inversion out of the corner of your eye and it makes you sweat.

Overall, that was one of the best days ever at an amusement park for me. On the way home, we stopped at some good ice cream place in Hyram. That night every went to sleep immediately. I can't wait for next year's Major League All-Star Break. Because that means I will be heading back up to my favorite park other than Kennywood, six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Monday, February 17, 2003 10:13 AM
Kick The Sky's avatar Not many people I know call this their favorite park, but the way you described it, how couldnt it? ;)

I never really liked this park myself but I can tell that you had a wonderful day at the park from you trip report. That really is all it is about. A great day riding fun rides. I am glad you had fun and I hope you get to go again this year :)

Bob Hansen

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003 2:26 PM
Hey, SFWOA is a park I consider to be one of my favorites as well!

Anyway, great trip report! It was nice and detailed and your description of X-Flight brought back some good memories! Mainly my dad screaming obsceneties during the flipover at the top of the drop...

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