Over night at Cedar Point?

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For this Tuesday night, June 28th. Any reasonable rates at the Point? I never thought I'd be asking this...

Like under $80 would be great, but I know that is asking for a lot. I'm on the website, but it seems to be timing out. Also, I have a platinum season pass, does that come with any perks?

edit - Good lord! Just checked the prices on the (barely working) site. I guess under $100 would be acceptable, but seems me and my friend will have to stay off the point. Unless there are some deals or pass perks I am missing...

edit - Ok, got a hotel near the park for about $80. Now I'm asking folks the best way (I'm putting my ego down, cuz I *lived* at the Point from 91-93, and this is a new age) to work the park. I'm not a morning person, but may have to go to the park Wed morn b/c my friend Beth is stoked about going (she's never been and is now a huge coaster geek, thanks to Zippin Pippin, HWorld, Indiana Beach and the Whizzer).

We will probably arrive at the park Tuesday night around 6 or 7pm, and be at the park all day Wednesday. I have a CF platinum pass, and Beth will be getting one.

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Lol....good luck.

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I'd say you'll be lucky to get $100 at a non-Cedar Point hotel this close to the actual date.

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Are there any deal or incentives if you have a Platinum Season Pass, that anyone knows of?

Great, more reasons for me to throw into my pile of "CF dislike."

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CoasterDemon said:
Great, more reasons for me to throw into my pile of "CF dislike."

Because they command top dollar?

There's much better reasons to dislike CF. :)

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^I know I know :)

So, isn't there something about pass holders getting in early or ?

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I always stay at Motel 6 in Milan, just off of the turnpike. They are one of the less expensive places. I just checked for you, and they are charging $53 for Tuesday night.

The Motel 6 location near the entrance to Cedar Point Drive shows a rate of $49.49.


It's a clean place to sleep for cheap.

Edit - but you wont get the perks of staying on point. Is it really worth the extra money though? An hour of ERT will cost you at least an additional $50.

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I just read this at Gonch's link.

a 10% discount at Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle Suites, Breakers Express, and Castaway Bay from May 13 – September 5 (excluding Memorial Day weekend, July 1 – 4 and Sept. 2-5). Limited availability. Call 419.627.2106 and mention the Platinum Pass rate for the dates above.

So instead of $200 a night for one of their hotels, it'll only cost $180. lol (Cough-Ripoff!-cough)


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^Thanks Travis :) Already booked hotels off the point. So, you have to stay ON the point and have a Platinum pass to get in early? Ugh.

^^Thanks, Gonch. I think we are gonna be leaving the park for food. I will take advantage of the (whoah a whole $2 bucks off!) the souvenir cup though.


If you have a Platinum Pass you get in the park I hour early same as people staying at Cedar Fair Hotels.

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ZING! Problem solved!

Definitely go early and use that Platinum Pass ERT. It'll be worth it later in the day.

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I stand corrected. I thought most of the area hotels raised their prices significantly for the current week. $50 really isn't bad, especially since you probably don't spend much time in the hotel room.

Hey I know your looking for a deal but being a firefighter and seeing this today, sometimes deal shopping isnt the best thing when it comes to motels anymore.


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Talonstruck said:
...sometimes deal shopping isnt the best thing when it comes to motels anymore.

It never is. :)

Learned that first hand Friday night in Sandusky. Word of advice, if you absolutely must stay at the Travelodge on 250 next to Rt. 2, ask for a room in their newer building and to see the room first! My mom and I made a last second decision to go to CP Friday night/Saturday morning while we were up in northern Ohio for another function, and as such, did not have a hotel reservation for the night. In our search for some place with a 2 bed room, we had a choice between $200 at Fairfield or $89 at Travelodge. Since it was almost midnight and we just wanted to sleep, we didn't think and took the Travelodge deal without thinking. Horrible, horrible mistake! The room was dark, had an odor, furniture was scratched, torn, and frayed, and there were at least a few bugs in there (no bed bugs that we saw, though). After talking about it, we went to see if we could check out, and the lady behind the desk offered to show us another room, one which she said she had cleaned just a few hours ago. It was a smoking room in the old wing (same as our previous room), but far and away superior. The walls were clean, the lights white, the carpet and tile were newer and clean, and the furniture was in one piece.

Definitely learned our lesson, and will gladly be accepting king bed rooms at nicer hotels when we do last minute trips like that. I think there was also something going on in the area (a race at Norwalk, perhaps?) that increased hotel occupancy for the weekend.

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Yeah, i would always get out of a room that reminds me of the movie "Vacancy"!

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CP Chris said:
Definitely go early and use that Platinum Pass ERT. It'll be worth it later in the day.

Do you get in an hour early, or do you get in and ride coasters an hour early? If so, what coasters are open?

edit - It's a bit confusing from the site - is it an hour early privilege to get in and que up, or are the rides actually open for that extra hour?>

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From what I have always understood, the rides are open, Billy. Get to the gate a little bit before an hour before open, and you can ride whatever rides are open for ERT for the time before the park is open to the rest of the people.

The website says:

It’s the ultimate perk! Enter the park ONE HOUR before the general public and get a head start on a day of fun, thrills and excitement. Challenge
several attractions during an exclusive hour of riding. Enter through any park admission gate one hour before posted park opening time.

and then lists the rides available:

• WindSeeker (must be 52" tall to ride)
• Millennium Force (must be 48" tall to ride)
• Raptor (must be 54" tall to ride)
• Maverick (must be 52" tall to ride)
• Iron Dragon (must be 46" tall to ride)
• Planet Snoopy (seven rides - height requirements vary)

Have fun! Wish I could meet you there.

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