Outrage at SF Season Pass Parking Prices!!

I just saw this on the SF website and wondered if any of you all noticed this...season pass parking is $45!!!! That's ridiculous! Plus it appears as though (from what I saw on another website) season passholders will have a 'P' on their season pass if they get the parking pass...therefore eliminating the need for a sticker, and no sharing of the parking pass between a family...if one member doesn't come, then they can't use the season parking pass!

Is it just me, or is this absolutely ridiculous?!?! My fiancee just brought up a great point...if they're trying to make the park more family friendly, then why is the parking pass so ridiculously high, and why charge EVERYONE for it???????????????? GRRRRRRRRRR Six Flags!!!

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If you think $45 is expensive, buy a Cedar fair parking pass. Cedar Point $50 on sale price will go up. Geauga Lake $45 on sale price will go up.

I don't know if you will get much support on the P on your pass rant. Cedar Fair did that and now they are making us have a sticker. I know a lot of people who are NOT happy with that. I know I'm not. I want it on my pass. I think it is best to have both options.

$45 is expensive? SFA is $40 and I think it's a bargain. A parking pass is good all season. Considering how daily parking is $15 you save after 3 visits. Good grief! You generally save on the season pass after 2 or 3 visits and you save on the park pass after 2 or 3 visits. A second parking pass is only $10 (at least at SFA). If the park gives the gate away people complain, if they charge people complain. Which is it going to be?

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Parking Passes went down at SFGAM they are now only $50 for 2007 vs $60 for 2006.
If it is too expensive, just vote with your wallet, and do something else next year.

Otherwise, enough with the complaining already.

Ok, heres how you do the math

Take the daily parking pass and multiply by the amount of times you expect to visit, if this number is greater then the spp, then get it, if not dont.

Either way you win!!!

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Now, from what I've heard for 2007...

...the season parking pass will be good at ALL Six Flags locations, not just your local park... but all other Six Flags entities.

Great Escape's season parking is only $30.00 and I was told it'd be good at all other SF parks as well... so despite it going up in price, the justification is sound.

Is $45 a sale price? If so, no room to complain. CP parking passes, according to what I've heard, may go up to $60, possibly $70 after the sale period.

Six Flags, in my opinion, underpriced themselves so much that bringing their prices back up to par with the rest of the industry is going to take people by surprise. $50 for a season pass was way too little for a chain that size, and with parks in almost every major metro area.

Oh, and you can't put your CP parking on your season pass anymore, which isn't going over well with several (several here meaning much more than just 5) people. *** Edited 10/4/2006 2:30:03 AM UTC by BlueStreak64*** *** Edited 10/4/2006 2:30:40 AM UTC by BlueStreak64***

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Just checked my Knoebels season parking pass - oh my, it's still zero!

The reality is if you want the latest and greatest big rides, someone needs to pay for them. It's why if you by a bottle of beer at Applebeers, you pay $3-5, but if buy a case and drink it at home the unit price is $.75-1.40 per bottle. If you want the atmosphere, it is necessary to pay for it. In most cases a season pass pays for itself in two trips and the parking pass in three - so if you plan to spend some serious time at one park, you make out just fine. If you are one of those people who buy it then never goes back, well then your not the big fat guy at the all-you-can-eat buffet - maybe you should go a la carte.

I paid $50 for my parking pass at SFNE and $30 for Gadv will someone explain that one to me?
Besides the parks that don't charge for parking, find another corporate amusement park company that charges less than $45 for a parking pass.

You will back off on the "outrage and ridiculous" quotes you made in your topic.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Ehhh...good points, all.

*goes back to being humbled*

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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The "P" on the pass sounds a lot more flexible than having a sticker like at SFoG. Even if you paid for the pass and want to go, if you don't have access to that particular car on that day, you're out of luck.

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I'm sure they have a great reason for the increase. Here's why:

(violin music, minor key)
Parking lots are an Endangered Species. Mini Malls are wiping out more parking than urban sprawl. Parking lots must make more than your average Payless, PetSmart, Big Lots to survive in our society.

Imagine the pain of the poor asphalt animal. People and heavy objects on your back all day long in the hot sun. If you were them, you'd demand a raise too!

Give today to a parking lot of your choice. A slot is a terrible thing to waste!

(violins fading)

side note: There's people in NYC that pay over 300.00 a month to park their cars. *** Edited 10/4/2006 1:06:03 PM UTC by FLYINGSCOOTER***

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You know, when you combine the cost of the parking pass with the cost of the actual season pass, voila, you get a price that's right around the cost of a season pass at just about any other major park out there.

Heck, I may just tack one on my pass if it's true that the parking pass is good at all locations. That way I don't have to order a season pass from a park I won't get out to until summer actually starts.

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BigJim4Life said:
and no sharing of the parking pass between a family...if one member doesn't come, then they can't use the season parking pass!

Apparently, the people at PointBuzz would be thrilled if this was the case at Cedar Point. :)

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Considering that most parking fees for SF are around $15, then a $45 pass will pay for itself in three visits.

Not a bad deal.

Granted, Hersheypark Passes give you FREE parking... but then again Hersheypark Passes cost around $95 dollars.... which is basically what you will pay for a SF park pass + an SF parking pass.

Not a bad deal really.

Question you have to ask yourself... if you are going to a park Less than 3 times, do you really want to buy a season pass in the first place?


Actually... it's even better than that.

I mentioned HP passes being around $95 dollars and they include Parking, so that makes a SF pass + parking about the same cost.

Well... for my wife and I, if we buy HP passes, we have to spend $95 for both. If we buy SF passes and want parking, we need to spend $50 per pass (at SFA) + $45 for one parking pass (since we will be driving in the same car when we visit).

So, two HP passes (including parking), around $200, good at only ONE park.

Two SF passes (from SFA) + Parking, around $150, good at SEVERAL parks around the country.

Still a bargain considering average DAILY parking is $15. *** Edited 10/4/2006 2:03:28 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

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Here's another way of looking at it.

Last year, my Brandywine/Boston Mills pass (pic-a-day) was 180.00. For that 180.00, you could ski once a week and get five freebies to take a friend (ski rental add'l cost).
the average ohio ski season is maybe 3.5 months.
This year, the same pass is 210.00. It makes the cost of parks look cheap by comparison. Apples and oranges? Maybe, though there are similarities. Riding a lift versus riding rides. Skiing instead of walking. Both places have a variety of foods. Parks have larger attendance numbers and longer seasons. I wonder what the insurance differances are.

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DawgByte II said:
Now, from what I've heard for 2007...

...the season parking pass will be good at ALL Six Flags locations, not just your local park... but all other Six Flags entities.quote]

from the SFA website

Please note that Play Pass Value Books, parking passes, and tube rental passes may only be used at Six Flags America, and may not be used at other Six Flags Theme Parks.

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I never tire of the fact that I am not paying $559 for a WDW Annual Pass.

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