Our Wedding on Apollo's Chariot

Saturday, November 4, 2000 8:43 AM
Go to my main URL here
From there you can find a link to the wedding pages, there are 4 total. Enjoy !
(look for the sign that says"Congratulations Danny and Janis")

Saturday, November 4, 2000 9:21 AM

Congrats man, may you and Janis have many happy years together.
Where would we be without the rumor mill?
Saturday, November 4, 2000 12:57 PM
Congratulations Danny and I must say you picked the perfect coaster to get married on :)
Saturday, November 4, 2000 11:16 PM
Many, many best wishes for you and your fearless bride! How DID you talk her into this (the coaster, I mean -- not the wedding)?

Whatever goes up, must come down, preferably at a speed over 60 mph and leaning into a flying turn
Sunday, November 5, 2000 10:10 AM
Well, it's no Hawaii... ;) Congrats Danny!

Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com
Sunday, November 5, 2000 11:38 AM
Congratulations on taking the plunge! ;) I'm sure you've heard that one a lot since you were married! :) Anyways, I extend my congratulations to you and your new bride. May your marriage be filled with happiness, love, and coasters. Lot's of coasters. :) Peace.
Sunday, November 5, 2000 5:15 PM
Married on a coaster? better yet a B&M hyper?!? You're my hero! Congrats man!


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