Other triple out and back coasters?

Saturday, January 5, 2002 5:58 AM
The only one I knoe for sure is Raging Wolf  Bobs at SFWOA.What are some other ones?

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Saturday, January 5, 2002 6:01 AM

Doesnt Pysclone at SFMM go Out Three Time?
One Drop
Two Another Go out
And then the Third Out Would be When its goes a little past the lift hill and comes back in.
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Saturday, January 5, 2002 6:23 AM
The real Coney Cyclone is a triple.

The Coaster at PNE is a triple:

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Saturday, January 5, 2002 8:11 AM
Yes, but since the CI Cyclone crosses over itself (in a figure 8 pattern) I personally would not call it a triple out and back (same goes for Mean Streak and Texas Giant).

Anyway, Hurler-Carowinds, Hurler-PKD, and Thunder Run (SFKK) are all triple out and backers with no 'crossovers'.
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Saturday, January 5, 2002 9:13 AM
2 Hostyl -- the Coney Cyclone only crosses over itself at the very last turnaround. It is NOT a figure-8 coaster.
Saturday, January 5, 2002 9:53 AM
The CI Cyclone and it's clones are twisters, not out and backs.
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Saturday, January 5, 2002 9:55 AM
A few others:


Thunder Run

Grand National

Silver Comet




Wolverine Wildcat

Great White

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Saturday, January 5, 2002 11:13 AM
I think this is a good layout for woodies. CedarPoint should build one for 2003.
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Saturday, January 5, 2002 11:18 AM
TrBigar - The Cy-clones only cross over themselves once, so the argument could be made that they are not twisters, especially if Phoenix is in your "debateable" list.  Just my opinion, of course. 
Saturday, January 5, 2002 6:57 PM
The Jantzen Beach Dipper  ,Portland,Oregon (1928-1970)was a triple out and back.This coaster was designed and built by Carl Phare,who also designed the PNE Coaster.Up until the second turnaround,the track layout was identical to the PNE Coaster.It is possible that the trains to this coaster may still exist here in Portland.If anyone knows of a website with photos of this coaster,please let me know.I am planning on building a model of this coaster to incorporate into my On30 model railroad.
Saturday, January 5, 2002 7:21 PM

If you think the CI Cyclone only crosses itself once, think again. After the first drop, it crosses under a turn. After the first turn, it crosses under the same turn again. It begins to go up a hill, crossing under the first drop, and over the tunnel. Then a turn comes, along with another hill, a turn which is stacked below the first turn. That turn drops under another turn, goes up a hill which crosses over another track, then once again turns in a stacked track structure. Then in that pic the track disappears, followed by a turn which crosses over 3 different tracks.

(aproximate) Total counted cross overs: 2 (4 with stacked turnarounds)
(aproximate) Total counted cross unders: 4 (6 with stacked turnarounds)

Now tell me, how can that not be a twister? This isn't in my debatable list, it's in your debatable list.

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Saturday, January 5, 2002 7:26 PM
Cyclone are cyclones. They are basically a twister-variant without the tendency to self-cross. The emphasis on lateral Gs runs counter to many of the trends of out and backs.

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