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I haven't been to a lot of parks this year, but there was a time when I used to hit several parks in a season. And, when the long ride lines become a bit much, I liked to take a little detour and ride some of the less popular rides. This is not a favorites list, or a best of list. Just something to think about, for you next park trip. I'll list some parks, along with the diversions I like best.

Indiana Beach: Indiana beach is not known for big lines, but I can not do a visit to the park without at least one trip through the castle. Not sure what it is called these days. (Frankenstein's castle?) I also like the Den of lost thieves.

Cedar Point: My favorite has to be Cedar Downs. It's one of the oldest racing carousels in the world, and I think there are only two that still operate. It always gives me a feeling that I am riding history, and it's actually a nice ride. But, I rode a flying carousel once, and that was an experience. I wonder if they even make those anymore. My other favorites at Cedar point, are the Flying Bobs, Trioka, Wave Swinger, Calypso and Power Tower.

SFGAM: I think my favorite non coaster rides there are, Tripple Play, Ricochet, Fiddlers Fling, and the Whirlygig. Though I have not been on any of the newer thrill rides. I did not like the Condor. Power Dive is Ok

Canada's Wonderland: Love the wild nightmare ride! It's one of the most cool stand up rides I have ever been on. Their Giant enterprize was pretty cool too. Though not sure if they still have it.

La Ronde: My favorite non coaster rides there were, The Magic Carpet, Disco Round, The Malestrom, and Ovni. I don't think they have the Ovni ride anymore, but that ride was sweet! It was like a gravatron, only you sat down, and when it got up to full speed, the ride would tilt, and the cars would go up and down the walls. Man that was fun!! I love those crazy rides! I think Malestrom, is also pretty cool, like a tilt-a-whirl on steroids! LOL!

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Whenever I'm at SFNE I always like to hit Buzzsaw (Zierer Flying Carpet), it looks tame but when you're on it it really throws you around. Also, Tomahauk (frisbee), those will never not be fun....

Cedar Downs is one of three Prior & Church "Derby Racers" in existence. (Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England and Rye Playland in New York have the other two) The one at Blackpool no longer has its original horses, the one at Rye no longer has the horses move forward and back, but that is more than made up for by the INSANE speed they run this ride. Operators instruct the riders to lean inwards lest they get flung off the horses!

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I've always been a fan of bumper cars / dodgems. and also sky rides. abumper cars are a great way to relive stress after a long drive and the skyrides give you a different view of the park.

As for other "flats", if a park has something unique or oddball, I'll check it out.

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I can't go to Six Flags Great Ad. without stopping by one of the lake front areas or the bridge that goes from Medussa to El Toro to admire the fish and the turtles. Some of the carp are quite large.

Also...staring at Knoebels waterfall and following it's path to the turning umbrella things is a great place to sit, rest, people watch.

Also...I can't go to Rye without making a trek to the fishing pier...even when I don't have my rods with me. I don't know if it is up yet since Hurricane Sandy. (I also like the pier on COney Island)

Timber Rider is right....sometimes these little things are what make a day at the park even more special.

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Okay, I'll play... I love the secluded, quiet areas near the lake in each "islands" at Islands of Adventure. They are a great place to get some photos of the other islands, and are just a great place to get away form all the noise and people. Exploring them makes me feel like I am seeing an area of the park not many people get to see.

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Hey Richie Reflux.

One of the cool things I liked about visiting Indiana Beach, was the feeding frenzy of the lake carp. Those fish are almost sitting on top of each other to get to the fish food. All, I can think of when I watch them, is how awful it would be to accidently fall into that mess. Be like being attacked by toothless piranas. I also liked the lake cruise, and very nice place to rest. Though I am not sure if the Indiana Beach Bordwalk is the same as it was 13 years ago. Or, whatever year cornball express was built.

One complaint I have with SFGAM. It seems lame to me that they have one of the most beautiful double decker carousels in the world, yet, almost every time I have been there, they will not allow you to ride on the upper level. What's the point of having a double carousel, if you are not going allow your guests to enjoy what it was intended for? Though it is a nice spot for a photo op.

I also like to stop in frontier town at Cedar Point, and walk up into the old fort, and do a photo op in the stockade. Also take a ride on the train. Use to love the little ghost town along the way, with the skeletons. Always thought that was cute.

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If I Ran the Zoo

Yogi's Cave (RIP)

Tipsy House

Casa Magnetica

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If you're referring to SFOT's Casa Magnetica, it's been gone for a couple seasons now.

I've spent quite a few afternoons at SFDK watching the raft rides pass by the water the cannons and boat after boat of people get surprised by the spray while the instigators laugh. Those things EAT quarters.

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I get a good laugh out of all the people sitting in bleachers next to Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. Watching all their heads turn back and forth as each train roars past them. It's like watching a demented Tennis match. If you sit close to the ride, you can feel the breeze the train makes as it roars by. But, the bleachers are also in direct sunlight, and not my idea of a place to spend much time. 5 minutes of giggles, and done.

But, I can't leave out Disneyworld, and Epcot, where almost everything is a diversion within a diversion. Rides exits which lead into a store, or an interesting exhibit. Cool gardens, and various things that you can take a picture of yourself with. Like the city front at Disney Studios. Or, the giant empirial walker outside of the star tours ride.

We also went into the Honey I Shrunk the kids playground. Was pretty cool. I would really love to go to Universal in Florida, and Islands of Adventure. But, doubt that will happen any time soon.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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