Other Paramount Parks?

Well, today on the main page there was an update page about Mexican park photo's and since I never seen any of them I decided to look. Anyways, I got to lurking around the site abit and found this park called "Terra Mitica". I already knew about the coaster Anaconda there because I downloaded a RCT2 re-creation of it, then looked it up on RCDB. What I'm trying to ask is on that site it says this park is a Paramount park? However, I didn't know there was others then the ones in the U.S./CAN. Now I did look and find out that it was managed by Paramount Parks from October 2001 through 2004 and was wondering why it's not anymore?

Edit - Photolink - http://www.themeparks.ie/europe/tm/mc1.htm

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Apparently Paramount Parks chose not to renew their management contract for it.
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Kinda thought it was similar-ish to the Bonfante deal (or MoA for CF), where it was more of a management contract...

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