OSHA proposes fines for Dorney Park for heat issues and costumed characters

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Multiple employees of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom suffered from heat-related illnesses last year because of excessive heat they endured while performing shows in costumes, the U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found. The agency proposes fines of $7,000.

Read more from The Morning Call.

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$7,000? Really? I could cobble together that kind of money if it were an emergency... it's a rounding error for a multi million dollar corporation like Cedar Fair. Hell, it probably cost taxpayers more to investigate the incident than they'll ever get back from the park.

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Well, combining all the fines in the article pushes it into the tens of thousands.

Which Cedar Fair could probably cover by digging change out of the couches in the executive offices.

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All of the fines in the article make it $20 thousand, which I spent half of on a 12 night cruise for five. Not something I would exactually call a heafty fine for a company as large as Cedar Fair.

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If it costs more to fix an issue than it does to pay the fine and keep moving along, don't expect anything to change...environmental and labor regulations aren't really punitive in terms of fines.

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$20,000? I have that in my wallet right now, for this weeks lunch money, in cash.

...And then I woke up. We have some awfully successful CoasterBuzz commenters these days. LOL

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Does anyone know what the costume performers a Dorney Wears. Do they have the costume on over the park uniforms, or do they have an under armor type gear to wear underneath or even a cool pack?

I will tell you from my experience from costume performances that the Under Armor Type Gear AKA Lycra works very well under those costumes, in some cases you feel more comfortable when it is over 100 degrees outside in costume than you would out of it. Wearing regular clothing under those costumes don't work at all and in fact makes it even worse in the heat.

So what do the employees typically wear in those costumes?

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Sawblade5 said:

So what do the employees typically wear in those costumes?

Worn-out T-shirts from Kings Island.


I don't have any specific knowledge of Dorney. While they may use Under Armour type gear, if I had to take a guess I would say they wear a light t-shirt and shorts. I would be very surprised if they wore park uniforms.

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