Orochi move is confirmed

Orochi, the japanese Raptor near clone got sold and purchased by a small park in France. "Walygator" is the ex Walibi Smurf (part of Six Flags defunct european division) and it got purchased 4 years ago by 2 carnival ride owners-brothers. Track pieces are arriving all the time now and foundations will start getting poured in the next few days.

What a relief for France! When your only quality non Disney coasters are a CCI woodie and Mack indoor coaster, adding a B&M Inverted is a major step in the good direction. Let's see if Nigloland (another family owned park in France) add that Intamin Megalite in 2012.

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I didn't even hear about this. I love Orochi. Damn............ :(

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^ Actually it's a very good thing that it is getting moved, because otherwise you have never been able to ride it again. The park in Japan that it was located at (Expoland) was shut down in 2007.

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