Orlando theme park improvement modest in 2018, next year will be huge

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Orlando’s major theme parks are all opening new rides this year — but the attractions are overshadowed by the buzz from bigger expansions that won’t come until at least 2019, say experts who follow the amusement-park industry.

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Opening day/week/month/year of Star Wars is going to create traffic and logistical scenarios that likely have never been seen at WDW, especially at Studios. Looking forward to the pictures and reports of the insanity as much as the actual park additions.

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Hopefully they do passholder previews, as they did for Smurf Village. They are planning to expand the DHS parking lot, right?

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The last time I was at Studios was in December 2015 to see the Osborne lights one last time. I could have sworn construction was already underway to expand/change that parking lot. It will be critical that they do something there for sure. I know in the past when I was a Cast Member at Epcot we parked Studios guests in the giant overflow area of the Epcot lot during special events at Studios. And when I worked at Studios we would have to park at Epcot and be bussed to work during holidays so they could use our parking as extra guest parking.

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