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My wife and I are going to Orlando next week and hitting Disney, Universal/IoA, and SeaWorld. We took advantage of the week long pass at Universal/IoA, but are looking for discounts on SeaWorld and (especially) Disney. Any ideas? Whether online, or actually in Orlando, where can we get discount tickets?

Also, anyone have any advice on which Disney parks are "better" (tell me why) than others? We probably won't try to do all 4 major Disney Parks (there's always next time!) so which ones would you reccomend?

Thanks in advance!!

But then again, what do I know?

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All of the Disney parks are kick butt, you can't go wrong with any of them. But in order of stuff to do, I feel that they go in this order.

Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

The water parks kick ass too.

Disney gets cheaper the more days you do. There is also a deal where you can get into one of the four majors, and three of the smaller things like Disney Quest and the water parks for a good price.

Ok, Here is my brief advice on the Disney parks

I honestly don't know which park is my favorite, I like all the parks for different reasons.

Magic Kingdom has the nostalga (sp?). Whether is be the castle, space mountain, splash mountain, big thunder mountain, the haunted castle, and many more, this park is a place with simply an incredible atmosphere.

I would venture to say that Epcot is personally my least favorite of the Disney parks (but trust me I still like it). I do like the countries and the theming, however the rides at Epcot are simply not that good in my opinion. Test Track and Soarin is all i need to ride their.

MGM is a park with the two best rides for thrill seekers. That of course would be the Rockin Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror. These two rides are awesome plain and simple. The car stunt show (I forget the name of it) is really cool as well. I also love the atmosphere of MGM. If you really care about the thrill rides, I highly recommend MGM.

Animal Kingdom is an interesting park to me. I love the safari, and I love the rides. Dinosaur, Its tough to be a bug, expedition everest, and the primeval whirl. I would venture to say that the park doesn't have quite as much atmosphere as the other parks, however that could easily be argued. I always get lost at Animal Kingdom too, I find the layout to be confusing. It's probably just me though.

As far as discount tickets, I don't know much. I know that you can listen to time share speeches from people and they will give you free tickets to certain parks sometimes, however I wouldn't recommend that if you don't want to sit through a boring speech on your vacation. At any rate, have a good time, and I hoped this helped.

Those timeshare people really get on your nerves. They don't want you to leave, and keep on bugging you over and over again. I say stay away unless you are really cheap.
I was down there in February and got a three day deal for two of the main parks and one extra (waterpark, downtown disney, or sports complex). This cost me a hundred bucks per person. I got this deal for wasting about twenty minutes of my time and listening to a Timeshare presentation. I stayed in a Timeshare and that is how I got the info to do this. I'm not sure if those are exclusives for Timeshare guests or not. I guess it would be possible for someone to call a Timeshare, express an interest of a tour, and they usually bribe you with tickets if you do so.

I really enjoy Universal and IOA and I did the week pass for those. The two Disney parks we chose were Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Those were the two that had the newer attractions since I had been there last. I enjoyed Expedition Everest but for thrillseekers, I'd go to MGM. Tower of Terror is the biggest thrill at any of the WDW parks. Like stated previously, Magic Kingdom is the one to visit if you have never been there before. It is the heart of WDW and has all of the classics.

However, Epcot is my favorite. For thrills you can do Mission Space and Test Track. Soarin is unique, but not thrilling. Honestly I could spend all day in the different countries. Shopping in France, Eating in Italy, grab a beer in Germany and a Margarita in Mexico all in one day! If you plan on staying at the parks until close I think Illuminations is the most beautiful show and a must see!

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