Orlando Help Needed - How To Best Utilize My Time

I am heading down to Orlando in about a month with my wife joining me a couple days later.

I will be there by myself from Friday - Sunday and plan on going to Cypress Gardens and both Universal parks.

My question is would I be able to do both Universal parks in 1 day and then free up a day to go to Disney or should I enjoy two days at Universal by myself?

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I won't say it is impossible to do both parks in one day. It kind of depends on what attractions you want to see. There is an awful lot to do at both parks.
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If you are there by yourself you might be able to pull it off nicely, I think crowds are settling down. They are big parks, and there is a lot to do at both, but are best enjoyed taken slowly.

As much as I enjoy WDW, I think I might save it for another time. I go there for a week at a time, and don't manage to do everything I think I'd enjoy doing, so I suspect a single day might be more frustrating than enjoyable, and having the extra time to really experience the UO parks would be well worth it.

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I agree completely with Brian. I just got back from eight days at Disney and still didn't get in all I wanted to do. Enjoy Universal and relax as you spend two days at the park. Both parks are easily done in two days with time left over to hit what you liked over again.

Have fun! You owe us a trip report when you come back, seeing you asked for help. ;)

Certain victory.

Thanks for the input everyone. The nice thing is the hotels have free shuttle service to the parks (except Cypress) and then the shuttle bus to Tampa is the last stop before heading to Tampa.

Yeah, if I were to do Disney, it would only be WDW (most coasters)

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^What? I think you mean "Magic Kingdom," which is PART of WDW.
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Definitely take two days to USF. IoA is really meant to be taken in slowly. The theming is unbelievable and blowing through the queue lines (especially DD's) takes a lot out of the ride.

And for some reason, I couldn't get myself off of MiB. It was worse than crack.

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ophthodoc said:
^What? I think you mean "Magic Kingdom," which is PART of WDW.

Yeah that is what I meant. Thanks for the tip Andy. Sounds like I will enjoy 2 days then at Universal.

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Well, if you're going next month over the weekend you CAN do both parks in one day. Just buy a Halloween Horror Night ticket so you can be there from 9am all the way through to 2am (and you can just hit the rides and skip the scare mazes if you want).

I would love to do that but since I have a shuttle from the hotel, they only run like once a day, plus I have other things to do in the evening (Xmas shopping)

But thanks for the idea.

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if you get the fast pass you can easily do both parks in one day.
Agreed with these guys....as big of a Disney Geek as I am I say skip it for this trip, you really shouldn't rush at all. I'd just do 2 solid days at USF/IOA and really enjoy it, repeat rides, and take your time. (Enjoy those little things that make IOA special) If you really feel like you've exhausted both parks not too far into your second day you can easily go to something like Sea World or Old Town for some more credits.

To really do Disney at a psychotic pace one needs 4 days, minumum. I would just pass on it until you can get more time there.

If you have a 3rd day why not do Busch? Or Busch and Cypress? *** Edited 9/16/2006 5:26:16 PM UTC by Peabody*** *** Edited 9/16/2006 5:27:30 PM UTC by Peabody***

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If you were to "totally credit whore Orlando", it IS theoretically possible with parkhoppers to both USF/IoA and all the Disney parks, to get every coaster in Orlando and Kissimmee (meaning Old Town) in two days.

I would neither recommend this strategy nor would I call it a good idea as a "preview" of what there is as far as future vacationing options. If anything, I think you'd be cheating yourself of the opportunity to find out what's interesting *to you*.

Busch wouldn't be a bad choice. Disney requires a leisurely pace....and family/friends. Must be something to do with that weird "Magic"? Have to wonder if the free fastpass system doesn't work in their favor that way....makes you feel like you HAVE more time...you know, for shopping, eating, and stuff. See related term: In-park spending ;).

Here is another question. So I looked at WDW and Cypress Gardens hours for the weekend I am going to be there and both are open until 10 (WDW) and midnight (CG).

Would it be easy to do both parks in 1 day? My plan would be to get to CG right at 9:00, leave at 4:00 be at WDW MK from 5:30-10:00. Granted, I am really just going for the coasters (been to WDW before).

Here is what I am thinking:

Friday 10/21: Universal solo

Saturday 10/22: Cypress Gardens/Magic Kingdom solo

Sunday 10/23: IOA solo

Monday 10/24: BGA with wife

Tuesday: SWO with wife

Am I totally crazy or do you think this would work out?

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^ A *little* crazy, but look at the SN... ;)

My guess is you'll spend about 3-4 hours and Cypress, get a lot of *credits*, then bail early for Disney where you can have more FUN....just my best guess... ;)

It can work, but I think you will hit a wall in there somewhere. I find it hard to do more than 2 or 3 consecutive days in the orlando parks without a more leisurely day scheduled. The parks are huge, the weather is warm, the days are long, you will be tired. Fortunately you are going to be there during a slower time, which will help tremendously.

My wife and I did the four Disney parks on four consecutive days, last year in early October. We had an wonderful time, and were able to experience an amazing amount in each park due to light crowds and mild(er) temperatures. We were definitely exhausted on the third day and had a hard time rolling out of bed on the fourth.

Have a great time.


Thanks for the advice, I have been to MK and Universal but that was 10 years ago, I would imagine shorter lines in October.

I guess I will have to decide if I want to pony up 60+ for one park.

Is there any discounted tickets anywhere for Disney by chance for out of state residents?

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Take one day each for Cypress Gardens, Universal and Island's of Adventure. Leave the other Parks for a Future Visit.

Food Prices at Universal are EXPENSIVE! :( I have a little secret for you on how to save $$$ for Dinner (And Eat Plenty Too!) Across I-4 from Universal (On what they call International Drive) are several Brazilian Restaurants that serve ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS for less than Ten Dollars per person! :) The food is Delicious! Two of these restaurants are located behind the FUN SPOT Tourist Attraction (Look for a Giant Ferris Wheel) Across the Street for it is CAMILLAS, which is an All you can eat Buffet. Next door to them is a Brazilian Supermarket where you can get some rather unusual items if this tickles your fancy. About a Half Mile East of Camillas is another Buffet Called VITTORIOS. They are located in a Plaza adjacent to McDonalds. I like this place better than Camellas. About a mile west is a nother Tourist Attraction called MAGIC MIDWAY (Look for a Giant "Slingshot" ride) Across the street from them is a Restaurant Called CRAZY GRILL. It's a little more expensive (About $20) But this is what they call a "Churrascaria" (Brazilian Bar-B-Que) You sit at the table as waiters serve cuts of meat on a Skewer. You point at a cut and they slice it off at your table. Like the other restaurants it's all you can eat too. :)

I hope you find this info useful, have fun in Orlando!

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