Orlando becomes scare capital of the world for Halloween

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Orlando has been dubbed the world's Halloween capital in a new marketing campaign to lure more tourists and scare up some extra business. Visit Orlando is promoting events on social media, arranging press trips and hosting a Halloween landing page on its web site.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

Well, duh. The world's second biggest consumer holiday, it is. And Universal leads the way.
I've watched the development of Halloween events and the extended season offerings through the years, especially at regional parks. Most places are cashing in on the concepts, and if they're not they're foolish.

Noticeably absent are SDC and DW, who have a fall season of some kind then market the hell out of their huge Christmas events. I guess that makes sense, what with having good Christian values as a cornerstone and being deep in the Bible Belt. Plus they may not have the audience for haunts that time of year.

There are plenty of southern parks and cities that have taken to the Halloween spirit, though.

Oh and also noticibly absent is Michigans Adventure... 🙄

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