Orlando approves $20 million expansion for Fun Spot

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Fun Spot in Orlando just got approval to expand by10 acres, putting it closer to I-4. The expansion will cost an estimated $20 million. It will include two new roller coasters, a sky coaster and a small water park.

Read more and see video from WFTV/Orlando.

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My wife and I went there once and rode some go karts. A small wooden coaster could be fun but we never have a car when we visit Orlando anymore. We either take a Mears shuttle or the Magical Express.

Good for them for having the cash to buy the land and start the project!

There are plenty of hotels on International Drive that are serviced by the I Trolley...or whatever they call it. I suspect they will do pretty well. Old Town has survived all of these years and even grown some.

I guess I'm gonna have to make another trip to Orlando :)

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Like you wouldn't have anyhow? ;)

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Seems a little too mainstream and predictable for Richard.

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I probably won't make it down until the next phase of Potter is open.

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GCI woodie:


Looks great, nice and long for a not-so-tall ride.

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Looks like there will be a fair amount of airtime on this coaster. Certainly looks nice for such a small footprint.

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Awesome. Will get me to leave Universal's resort.

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