Orlando 2015 rumor round-up

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Universal and Disney are not fit to rest on recent expansion, if you are to believe the rumors. Everything from additional hotels, new water parks and Star Wars are on the menu.

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Notice there's exactly nothing rumored about SeaWorld. Blackfish isn't the problem.

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I thought Sea World had said something about MAJOR renovations to the Orca enclosures....or was that just one of their (other?) parks?

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I think that was a bunch of renderings without a specific timeline, but indicating they would start in San Diego.

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The rumored King Kong ride building looks to take up a mighty large footprint so it's going to be something on the scale of Universal's most recent rides. It will be very interesting to see where they go with it.

Anyone see The Simpsons on Sunday where they went to Dizzyland and just about every attraction was re-themed to Star Wars? I about died laughing.

I was at Seaworld Orlando just last week. They are currently in the middle of a rehab/refresh of the Sea Lion and Otter theater for 2015.

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That'll pack them in!

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I'm booking my flight now.

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THAT'S what I've been waiting for! Finally, something to make a trip to Orlando worthwhile.

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Vater, you should probably wait to book your flight...you know, just in case the show doesn't open on time...

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