Orca injured at SeaWorld San Diego, PETA files complaint

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A killer whale at SeaWorld in San Diego is recovering from a nasty gash to its jaw that is the subject of a dispute between the park and the animal rights group PETA. SeaWorld says the 11-year-old killer whale named Nakai was injured during a show last month when he somehow came in contact with a portion of the pool. The gaping hole is so big that Nakai’s jawbone was left exposed. PETA says an anonymous whistle-blower told them that Nakai was attacked by other captive, angry orcas at the park.

Read more and see video from ABC News.

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The injury certainly looks like another orca took a chunk out of his jaw. Not sure what to make of this incident, other than SeaWorld has been having a string of very bad luck lately.

Original BlueStreak64

Sure the clapping and dancing routines are impressive, but maybe Sea World should focus on training their orcas to not eat each other.

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I think the assumption that this was caused by another animal is awfully suspect. It could certainly be from landing on some edge the wrong way. Surely you've seen the injuries caused by dolphins getting hung up on manmade objects, and they look just like that.

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Which, if proven true, will no doubt be spun (by PETA at least) to back the argument against keeping orcas in captivity.

Who does PETA sue when one killer whale in the wild does the same thing to another killer whale? Oh right, that doesn't happen because all the animals get along and none ever die until they reach old age.

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