Opinion: Upcharge perks at theme parks just a matter of supply and demand

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What’s wrong with parks’ trying to boost revenue without making large capital expenditures? Not a thing. It’s supply and demand. Just create exclusive restaurants, install personalized tour guides and institute line-skipping and you’re on your way to a caste system of the can spend-a-lots and the must-spend-less.

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^Exactly. I would like to add that the reason that fastlane clogs lines is that too many people are buying. I'm not against three system entirely, but at Cedar Point it needs to be about twice as pricey. Less people will buy it, some still will. Then, less non-fastlaners will complain about fastlane affecting lines a lot.

I like how the system works at the mid sized Cedar Fair parks like Kings Island and Carowinds. The fastlane line is generally so short at those parks that it doesn't affect the regular line much at all. Also, fastlaners get their money's with because there is almost no line for them.

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While I do not consider Kings Island to be a 'mid-sized' Cedar Fair park I do agree the system seems to work better. The choice of The Beast and Firehawk for Fastlane Plus works well. If they added Flight of Fear to that it'd be perfect.

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