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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 1:21 AM
hey, im gonna be in the area in a few weeks, and havnt seen any trip reports. hows the park running nowadays? i hear more bad than good. anyone been lately? good chance ill be able to ride everything? thanks in advance:)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 10:01 AM
Well, fortunately (or unfortunately), SFDL operations don't vary much year-to-year. In the fall Predator and Mind Eraser may be closed, and the paths around Viper rerouted (so they can close the back 30% of the park). The halloween areas around Predaor and Superman are packed after dark. Have fun!

One other wrinkle to mention, if there's any hint of rain, S:RoS may be in single train operation mode. They are very reluctant to add a second train in the fall. I've heard staff say that rain and cool fall temperatures affect breaking and there is a risk of trains bumping. But just because staff say it doesn't mean it's true...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 11:56 AM
It has nothing to do w/ the brakes, but they will fill EVERY seat of the ride and make you sit there until every seat is full because the train runs so darn slow and craaawllllssss over the final bunny hops. I don't know about the single train, everytime i've got for FF it has been two, but the lines have been huge.

As mentioned, any rides past Viper are already closed. UFO, sleighride, Grizzly run, Mind Eraser, Rodeo Round-Up, ranger, poland springs plunge are all closed and starting to be dismantled (the rides that require it anyways =P) and ready for winter.

Operations are still horrible from everything i've read but it seems the place is dead now-a-days so it may help you out in that respect. It looks like they are going to re-hab alot of rides with paint during the off-season so at least it's something to look forward to. Also Twister has been down for a month now, so don't expect it to be open... Predator probably won't be running either... it never has in the last 3 years of fright fest (with the exception of one day).

So that leaves the following rides open:
> Lasso
> raging seas
> Superman
> Haymaker
> sIlver Bullet
> Boomerang (also problems this year, so no guarantees)
> marry-go-round
> viper
> bumper cars
> antique cars

It may be discounted admission for fright fest, but 10 rides (3 being coasters) is simply unacceptable IMO.

Good luck

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