Operation of Xcelerator

Thursday, July 11, 2002 8:40 PM

How has the capacity of Xcelerator been? Are they running two trains ever? or regularly? How long have that wait times been?

Also, how is the new capacity on Perilous Plunge? How long are waits for that?

Thursday, July 11, 2002 10:34 PM
The capacity on Xcelerator is about equal to ghostrider's capacity. They are regularly running both trains but don't expect it to double capacity. At best it increases capcity by 25%. Around 600 pph (getting better by the day and as rules lax on pulling down your own restraint and not having to do rechecks-the most horrible thing to hear if you're one of the ride attendents because all restraints have to be re applied).

The good thing is waits have been SHORT, no more than 45 minutes (averaged 25 minues until around 3 pm) even on sundays. just avoid saturdays (i'd avoid it more to avoid other attractions' lines). I was able to ride 5 times when i went the second sunday when it was open. Make sure you wait in the main queue for normal seating, not the front car queue. the front car queue can make your wait over an hour if it is anywhere near the split. I haven't heard of anyone waiting longer than 1 hour except on the opening day.

Perilous Plunge is mediocre at best. It completely depends on the crew (in particular the lead). people are afraid to get drenched so the line hasn't been so bad. 2 boats every day (it requires maintnance and a crane to remove a boat). 2 boats help because the cycle is long after the splashdown (about 1 mph in the turnaround), it takes a while and instructions on how to undo the belts to get out of the boat (1 min at least to unload a boat- BTW the station can unload and load simultaneously), and kids need to try on the restraints on the waiting boat. If there is a good crew (which can reach 3 minute disbatches) with at least 5 people working load the wait will be shorter. a bad crew can mean 6 minute disbatches. to get through 5 switchbacks and a bad crew it took me 7 boats and 45 minutes. this was on a sunday in the middle of the afternoon on a hot day (it took me less than an hour to dry off outside).

Luckily both rides have had a ridiculously large number of ride employees (PP around 10 and xcelerator around 12) so they do work their asses off except when PP has a bad crew. check out operations (cycle time less than 5 minutes get in line ASAP) from the midway before you ride to assure yourself of a good crew.

Friday, July 12, 2002 8:58 AM

We rode Xcelerator this past Monday, July 8th. The wait was 30 minutes with one train operation. We did not wait for the front car which looked like it would be at least an hour but probably more.

Loading was a little slow because the ops were checking the belts first and then the lap bars. They were very adamant about the lap bar being as far down as possible.

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Friday, July 12, 2002 11:15 AM
You are not allowed to pull down your own lap bar (yellow thingies as the ride operators needed to call them for some GP). If someone on the train does, the ride lead will call a recheck and a ride op will come over and recheck the lap bar. there are 6 ride attendents checking restraints for a 20 person train so each atttendent checks 3 or so restraints so loading is quick for a KBF. much of the loading time is spent getting people out and in (the ride has no leg room except some slots so it is hard) and collecting loose articles (hats, wallets, phones and keys only).

two trains will be running unless it causes system trouble, but 1 train is still okay.

lines are always 30 minutes and often 20 minutes before noon.


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