Operating inverted model coaster

This is a video of a model I have built. Thought you might all enjoy. I have added another video of a sit-down model I built.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdX5d1B4OKM (Inverted model)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckVlOrbwE6E (sit down model) *** Edited 9/16/2007 10:47:05 AM UTC by coasterp***

Awesome. I like the working brake run and carousel lift.

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That's pretty sweet. What did you make it out of?

GCI Coasters + Millennium Flyer Trains = Love!


The coaster is built entirely from copper and brass. The train looks slightly Intamin inverted. The track is more of a monorail type track. This was done by request as the owner of the coaster had plans to possibly move it from time to time to exibit it. Based on past experience with another model, it was felt this type of track system would hold up better. The entire model, table and all, can be taken apart in about an hour. Once on site, the model can be assembled and running in about 2 hours. It is entirely slip fit joints that have small screws to hold everything together. Each support is labeled on the bottom. There are holes drilled in the table that have corresponding numbers so you know where everything has to go. Track sections are also numbered.
That, is awesome.
Very nice job! Now we thought Mavericks zero G was too fast imagine this baby in real life.
Roller Coaster 1 looks too intense for me.
Is this speed on this thing as shown? Seems kinda fast there. Nice job! I thought this was another coasterdynamics creation.

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I thought the inverted coaster looked like coasterdynamix...but the sit-down did look custom made and very realistic....realy cool.
Speed is actual. They look a little faster on the video than in real life however. Also just so you can imagine the size that these models are, CoasetrDynamix is built to 1/4" = 1'. My models are 1/2" = 1', so basically they are double the size of the CD kits.
Fantastic stuff! I've been toying around with the idea of doing something like this as well. How did you go about setting up the trains, and more specifically, the wheel sets.
On the inverted the wheel assemblies are basically what you would see on an Arrow suspended coaster. My cars however do not swing back and forth, obviously. On the sit down model, I originally had the wheel system so that it was exactly like B&M sit downs. While it looked cool, it had some issues. I eventually re-did the wheel system so that it basically operates like a GCI coaster. While this would not be practical for the real thing, it works great for a model.
Love It! That is beautiful model work.

How do the brakes work? Are they pinch or what? Is there a fin under the train, or above on the inverted model?

That's beyond impressive. I was thinking it was a CoasterDynamix model but I think you did that one better (if that's possible). If you come up with something else, I'd love to see it.
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Someone has to ask...how much for the sit down?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

It is not for sale. The current owner is VERY happy with it as are the guests who get to operate it. For the record however, should someone want a custom model, you are currently looking minimally in the $7500.00 dollar range. Plus you must allow atleast 5 month for construction. While all that may sound a little steep, take into account these models are designed to run up to 12 hours a day, every day. They require no maintenance other than an occasional dusting off just to keep them looking nice. Also, that sitdown model has run over 600,000 times and is still going strong. The inverted model has run in the 38,500 time area in the 2 years it has been operational.
Sounds reasonable. It's a custom job and likely uses few off-the-shelf pieces. Actually, $7500 doesn't sound at all crazy when you consider the cost of research, materials and labor.
So, how many will you be ordering, Rob?

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