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So just came back from Passholder Preview at BGE and once again, top notch to BGE. Even despite the construction still going on with Sesame FoF, which is slated to open on the 4th of April, the park still looks great.

Today they were water dummy testing Grovers Alpine Express - GAE (am i the first on CB to acronym it??), but the ride looks like a hoot for kids. It will certainly empty Land of the Dragons a bit.

One thing that caught me off guard was entering the park and hearing seasame street characters singing in England over the loud speakers.. Then I turn the corner to the Globe theater (which has a new Sesame 4D show coming as soon as some issues are worked out that occurred a few weeks ago), I saw yet another thing im not used to seeing at BGE:


Image 1
Image 2

Excuse the photo quality.. was taken with my camera phone.

Today was busy flow of people. Parking was backed up to the interstate and they had to utilize the BFE lot too.

I got a hold of the today's stats and they budgeted for 14K people and ended up with 18K. The amusing thing is ive seen the parks at 20K+ people and still not use the the BFE Parking lot, which says to me a lot of people were going in their own cars this time to fill it so fast.. But anyways.. I digress.

For 18K people wait times were decent... <20 mins tops for all the major coasters, and if you wernt picky for rows it was <10 mins. Lot of people mostly walking around.

Definitely a lot of passholders to expect as the season goes on..

But it was definitely nice to get my Griff - On. (ok I cant claim it but it works).

Apollos Chariot was smooth as always and air time extreme..

Alpie had you inverted to the point of losing orientation...

Lochness delivers the 30 year experience only an Arrow can deliver (though its really the only Arrow I can appreciate)....

And Big Bad reminded me that I should have gotten back in line for Apollo's.

Cant wait till GAE, just to say Ive been on it.. #6 for BGE.. Wasnt sure they would ever hit that # as they would take away around the time of an add.

Anywho.. Great start of the season.. I look forward to my work lunch breaks being spent in G-force heaven!

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Oh meant to add, I got to peek in the Globe Theater to see them working on the 4D movie and the thing that caught my attention was the HUGE fans they had on the ceiling. I would say each 5 bladed fan had a blade that was at least 20 feet long.

Its meant for a wind storm effect, but I envision the roof taking flight. :)

Im looking forward to something new in that theater, even though it will more than likely be overrun with stroller monkeys.

Sounds like a great time! I'm heading to BG-Tampa at the end of this month, and I'm super psyched. I remember BGE being a great experience, so I hope that this one will be as well.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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