Opening Day 2002 @ Cedar Point

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Friday, May 24, 2002 4:13 PM

I was at Cedar Point on opening day in 2002 for the opening of Wicked Twister. Since we were resort guests, we got the benefits that let us in an hour earlier than the park opened (even though it only said a half hour). My friend and me were the first ones in line, and when the gates opened we raced down the right side of the main midway towards Wicked Twister. Now remember, this is opening day, so you'd think that there would be a huge wait. Well guess what! We waited only 5 or 6 minutes to ride the first double-twisting roller coaster in the world, and we got on the fifth ride ever on this amazing ride. Now, anyone who has not yet ridden it should read the next couple of sentences carefully, while anyone who has ridden it can just skim through. So anyway, we got into the station, went to the queue for somewhere around the middle, and when we got on the coaster, we had jump like four feet to get into our seets. After we were locked in and sweating like a swimming pool, I heard the conductor say, "Ready for launch in 3, 2, 1..." Those, were the longest three seconds of my life. After 1 we blasted out of the station and were going straight for like 75 feet before we starting going up. However, when we did, we could see the sky (as well as the rest of the tower, which was constantly getting smaller) as it twisted around like there's no tommorrow. Then, we stopped, saw the same twisting of the sky and the track, only spinning in the other direction. This was around the part where my hands were no longer on the handles. We zoomed back through the station, and then the next thing we noticed was were staring straight at the ground, as it was spinning. It stopped spinning, started again, then we rocketed back to the station and up the forward tower again. Then the reverse tower, the forward tower, then the brakes. When that ride stopped I wanted to do it again. So we did. Then, after we got off for the second time, we decided to do Millenium Force. However, before right when we got out of the station for Wicked Twister, Dick Kinzel (the president of Cedar Point) was standing right there with his wife! So we went up, introduced ourselves (and let me tell you he is a very nice guy), then headed toward Millenium Force. Now my friend and me, as very big roller coaster adventurests (expecially me), decided to sit in the front row. The great thing was, it was about 9:45 am when we got in line, which was 15 minutes before the park opened, so we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get in the FRONT ROW, when most people wait an hour and a half to sit somewhere towards the middle. After we got off, I bought my picture (which was absolutely hilarious). Anyway, to make a long story short, I went on EVERY SINGLE ROLLER COASTER that day (this does not include Jr. Gemini or Woodstock Express), officially being able to say that I have ridden every single roller coaster in the park at least twice. Let me tell you, I left the park happy.

This was my 8th time at Cedar Point, and undoubtfully the best.



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