Ontario Place rides will not reopen for the 2012 Season.

The Province pulled the plug on the rides and attractions at Ontario Place. The water slides were a bit dated and the rides mostly for kids. But they had a really excellent Disney-ish flume ride with animatronics based on Canadian history.

Not super surprising that it closed. We would try to get a ride on the flume before seeing a concert at the ampitheatre . Otherwise it was really for families with small kids that would get more bang for their buck at Canada's Wonderland. While the space could be revitalized into a new amusment area, I'm not optimistic for the awesome but dated flume ride. Sad to see it go, there's not many of them left and very few as elaborate as this one.


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I was only familiar with the flume from YouTube videos, but I was very familiar. I would have loved to ride it someday. It looked amazing. News that an amusement park is closing is never good news.

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Really bummed to hear this. A buddy and I have been looking forward to trying that flume ride for several years now and this year was finally going to be the year. :-/

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LostKause they used to include admission to Ontario Place if you went to a concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. Would show up early to get a couple of rides in. Awesome log flume followed by an evening with Slayer was always fun. :)

The Wilderness Adventure was one of the best log flumes of all time! It will be greatly missed.

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Pipedream: Wonderland purchases all the components of the flume and installs it back by WWCanyon for the 2013 season.

It would be great if the flume was saved or preserved for the new incarnation of whatever's going to become of Ontario Place. Unfortunately the track looks like it's mostly concrete so probably not so transportable.

Another issue is that operation in general is super expensive to operate so not optimistic that they'll hang onto it. Required staffing is more than other rides and the maintenance and general up keep is expensive too.

The track area has to be cleaned every so often or stuff starts to grow in it. The lame log flume at Centre Island is a good example of what happens when you don't take care of it. Water is smelly, track mostly black and furry and looks gross.

Another park I meant to get to, but didn't. I even took my wife to visit Toronto (this would've been back in 2001), but specifically didn't ask to go to Ontario Place, just to prove to her I actually could go on a trip without including an amusement park. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

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With the opening of Leviathan, I planned an Ontario trip in July. Ontario Place would have been one of my stops. Now, I'll have more time for Toronto.

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