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You've probably heard the news by now that Cedar Point's Onpoint that is ran by Tony & Tyler will no longer continue. I for one am very dissapointed about this seeing how I have been following OnPoint for a couple years now. However, I understand there reason to stop and would like to thank them for their hard work. (Well atleast Tony)

P.S. Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I checked but could not find one on here.

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Check the date.

Wow im gullible

might as well close the thread.

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They got me when for a second too.

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April Fools Day on the internet is starting to get crazy. You cannot believe any half interesting story you read all day. Fun none the less, but not a good day for productive news and rumor browsing.

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Words of wisdom indeed

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Pagoda Gift Shop posted this before you, but deleted it before anyone noticed. You weren't first. :)

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At least they didn't change the name of the blog to "OnPointTopeka".

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I found it amusing that Screamscape posted this as news. The way he wrote it, I think he really believes it.

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I did create a topic for this but deleted it after realizing the date. However, I'm not so sure it is indeed a hoax...

From the OnPoint blog:

Good morning, friends.

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce that the OnPoint blog will no longer continue after today. The two of us have decided to focus on our core responsibilities at the park and can no longer keep the commitment to do regular updates.

To those who've been following us from the beginning, we thank you.

Keep an eye on Shoot the Rapids construction updates in the ride's photo gallery.

Again, thank you, and Ride On.

From the KI blog:

This is the 180th and final update for this blog. It is being retired. To those that have been following this blog, thank you! We hope you enjoyed the updates and photos that have been posted since the blog was introduced in February of 2009.

For park updates and photos become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland

From KI's facebook, regarding their 5@5 Q&A:

Sorry, but we are unable to continue this question and answer forum effective immediately. Thanks for your understanding.

Now, a cooperative joke is one thing, but I'm feeling a bit worried about this, especially the last one. Anyone have a contact that can confirm or deny? None of the blogs have posted redactions about the joke as of yet today.

I guess call me gullible but I think they would have said April Fool's by now so I believe they are getting rid of them. Anyone have a guess at the reasoning?

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Why not get ride of the Worlds of Fun blog then? Why is it so important that it gets to remain online? This is a joke (at least for onPoint). Now had they canned the WoF blog too, then I might start believing it.


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The best April Fools prank of all would probably be making a big announcement like this on the 1st so no one believes you, and then following through on it.


Perhaps the word from on high has yet to reach others outside of Ohio? A cooperative joke between KI and CP across multiple mediums does not strike me as something Tony and Don would whip up. I don't really care either way, but it doesn't quite strike me as an April Fools joke.

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It would seem that it is indeed a joke. The KI 5@5 returned today on facebook with the following question:

Sorry. Looks like we didn't fool anyone!

David McPeak - My question of the day is, is this a April Fools prank, lol.
Busted. Sorry. My mom hates that I still do this junk to her too. Not coordinated in any way with Cedar Point by the way. We are still on for 5@5 each day and I even went through the comments and picked out any questions that were there. I hope we didn’t lose anyone for good. Help me spread the word and I promise not to do it again (this year).

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An April Fool prank that lasts until the evening of the 2nd. Classic, and totally awesome.

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Considering that it's Good Friday and Easter weekend, it doesn't surprise me that they haven't had a follow up post yet.

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Why would they want to get rid of the blogs anyhow? I mean, it's a big marketing thing. The thing that gets me is why they haven'y posted anything saying it was a joke yet.

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