One person dead after rapids ride boat flips at Adventureland

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One of four people who were hospitalized after an accident on the Raging River ride Saturday at Adventureland has died, according to a statement on the park's Facebook page. According to the Altoona Police Department, six riders were on the raft when it overturned around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, according to a previous statement on the park's Facebook page.

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I can't think of a single UK rapids ride past or present that uses seatbelts, they seem like a terrible idea in this scenario, but perhaps might have prevented the tragedy at Drayton Manor.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The only one I remember without seatbelts or individual seats is Grizzly Run at Geauga Lake. And it very well may have gotten belts in the Cedar Fair era

I don’t think it did.

Geauga Lake is the rare case of Cedar Fair taking over a park and actually *removing* belts from a ride, which happened on the Carousel.

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Grizzly Run at Geauga Lake did not have seat belts the one time I rode it. I remember clearly getting knocked into the floor of the the raft after violently hitting a wall, knocking off my glasses and scraping my eye.

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I worked Rip Roaring Rapids the year it opened at Great America in 1988. Boats flipping was not uncommon. If the boats weren't spaced for any reason, they could wedge in the trough, and spin and flip. Nobody died, but it was really scary.

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