"On-Ride Video/Audio?"

Monday, May 1, 2000 10:49 AM
We are all familiar with on-ride photos for major thrill rides at most parks. It is a revenue opportunity for the park and novelty for the consumer.

It seems to me that the next logical step in technology would have equipment on the car recording your entire ride, with sound. I imagine a split screen with the left half of the screen showing the rider and the right side showing the point of view of the track. Once again, a properly placed microphone would pickup both the coaster sounds and the riders screams.

Does anyone know if this already exists in any park or on any ride?

Not all of the riders would be videotaped just one set of seats would be rigged with the equipment. Two seats in one of the trains could be reserved for rider/patrons who would pay for the video in advance. The format could be analog videotape or a digital format stored on writeable CD-Roms (playable on computers or DVD players).

What do you think about this?

How much would you pay for a video like this?

Does anyone else agree with me that this maybe coming in the future?

I might be willing to spend $20 - $40 on a decent quality video of myself riding on a high-profile ride, especially if it was recorded in a digital format.

What do you think?

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Monday, May 1, 2000 10:54 AM
Well, I for one would not pay a penny to see myself riding. It sounds like a good ide though as some probably would pay. I however know of no such ride that does this.

"May the Force be with you"
Monday, May 1, 2000 1:20 PM
The only ride I've seen this on is the rapids ride at Hershey where a short video of you on the ride is taken.
Monday, May 1, 2000 4:47 PM
They take a video of you while riding skycoasters.

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