On-Demand Rollercoaster and question

For anyone that has Comcast digital Cable and gets Encore. Rollercoaster is available On-Demand.

Speaking or that does anyone think a remake with current coasters would be cool?


Isnt their a Shrekia show on TNT on the 16th.

Timbers crew 08

well considering that everyone who was in Rollercoaster except Helen Hunt and George Segal and Timothy Bottoms are dead (and he died in the movie anyway - oops, late spoiler alert!), as are the producer, director, production designer, etc., a sequel is out of the question. But a new version with new story and new coasters, not so much a remake, would be cool.
I remember when the producers of this movie wanted to pay KW over a million dollars to blow up Thunderbolt. KW said no and the movie made references instead to a fictional park called Wonderworld having a darkride fire (this script was based on a fire that actually took place at KW but which, unlike the fire in the movie story, was not caused by sabotage).

This is another example of how KW and the other family owned parks will often put the love of their parks ahead of the desire to make a quick buck.

Another example of this was when KW said no to a tempting offer from Premier Parks. Had this happened KW would have gained some coasters, Superman, and Bugs Bunny but would have lost flats, darkrides, the picnic groves, the good reasonably priced food, the good operations, and free parking. They probably would have lost a lot of attendance as well. Very likely this park would have ended up in the deal with DLk, EG, and EV.

Arthur Bahl

Coasterkid200 said:
Isnt their a Shrekia show on TNT on the 16th.

I searched for it, and got nothing.

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