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The Temps for the day were forecast to be brisk and a bit windy with lots of sunshine. The weather gods cooperated perfectly and delivered a spectacular, albeit a bit chilly day.

When we finally got our group together at the front of the park, we decided to go the opposite way of the crowd. Our first coaster of the day was Chiller, Robin. Our plan was perfect in that we walked right into the station and boarded the first train. I was not sure what to expect of the new Chiller, but after the first ride, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it is and I am not even sure I miss the Heartline spin now. The new, almost trick track like element compliments the rest of the ride nicely.

It is very quiet in that area of the park now, Chiller being the only ride or attraction for the time being. With Batman the Ride being close by, we strolled over there for a ride. Here again, we waited for the next train to come in and get on without very little wait. BTR is still delivering the same intensity after 14 years that it did in the first year.

Next up was Nitro. There are 2 rides that are a must for us to ride on any trip to Great Adventure and that is Nitro and Medusa. Nitro for us is a back seat ride to enjoy that massive air time. It has never failed us. Nitro gave us that wonderful ride it is known for.

We were going to stop at Skull Mountain but there was an Op preventing people from getting on line at that time. There are many more visits to come so SM can wait. Since we were passing Big Wheel, the group wanted to take a ride. Being a good sport, I gave in and took a spin. Other than the Cable Cars, the best views of the park can be seen from up there. At the pinacle of the ride, the wind was quite strong and cold and brought tears to the eyes. To our amazement, even in this wind, the Parachutes were running, that was a first. Seems that the only things we did not see running was SM and Cable Cars.

We then headed over to El Toro. We saw from the Big Wheel, it was running. What we did not expect was it was running two trains and getting people in and out like I have never seen before. What was once a half hour wait was an exaggerated 10 mins. El Toro is a first class coaster and today, it was being run first class. I am expecting this to continue, even if it has quirky little hiccups to deal with

We decided to have a quick ride on Medusa and as stated before, it is the other must ride each visit coaster. Walk on as well, what more does one have to say about it.

We decided to have lunch at this point, before we tackled KaKa. We tried the refurbished La Cantina and we were not disappointed. Surpiseingly, the prices were not bad and the food was actually excellent. We decided this would be our new lunch spot for the 07.

When we walked back to KaKa, the young lady at the ticket entrance to the coaster had it blocked and said it would be 90 minutes until it reopened. Since we had rode last week, it was not necessary to ride it today, it is just not a must ride for my group. On that note, we headed out of the park, satiated with the day we had. This time it was great with the group we had but the park also had given us a wonderful day as well. Most rides and eateries were open, what we rode was working well and the Ops were fast and friendly. It truly was that Great Adventure we always look for.


An Old Coaster fart that refuses to grow old, I just wish many of my friends could have as well!

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Gonch got his wish. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Yay! :)

Thanks for the TR.

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^^ Moosh went to Ohio? ;)

Seriously though, great to hear that everything seems to be running so well. REALLY good to hear about Toro, kinda surprising they were dispatching trains like that! :)

What you said about Chilla (to wit, "I am not even sure I miss the Heartline spin now") DOES qualify as blasphemy though...

I like the overall tone of the reports from Great Adventure during its openig week.

I has a lot of promise, though very light early season crowds due to the weather.

You mentioned that the only things not running were the cable cars (understandable due to wind) and Skull Mountain (stuff happens). Does this mean the water rides were up too? (Normally they aren't required on a cold day).

Nitro is a great ride and has one of the most comfortable trains I've ever been on. I can't wait to get back there.

Glad you had almost optimal conditions!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Hmmm, this TR seems familiar. Good job Ed - glad to see improvements, but Bill^ is right about Chiller.

Laugh your troubles away at Riverview, the world's largest amusement park.

Richie Reflux said:
Does this mean the water rides were up too? (Normally they aren't required on a cold day).

No, I actually don't do water rides often so I don't usually include them, and all SFGA has now are the Log Flume, The Splashdown and Congo Rapids. We were taken back a bit as the boats or whatever they are called were in teh station. This means they will be ready when the wather warms up.

An Old Coaster fart that refuses to grow old, I just wish many of my friends could have as well!

I was there yesterday as well and I can't say I agree with your opinion on Chiller I have to admit I was very surprised with the operations of El Toro. After my ride yesterday I think I'm ready to rank it higher than Voyage.
You all know this is sooooooooooooo early in the season and things will change by the end of the year. It is SFGAd after all!

Craig ;)

The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
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Smart Ass. ;)

You know someone had to do it Gonch!

The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
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Riverview Mike said: Bill is right.

Wow does THAT look good in print...I may just have to get that portion of your post framed! :)

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^As rare as that is, it might be worth something on eBay. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Mike, Bill may be right but the Gaytor is always wrong :) An IggyAce is a crackpot as well, so anything he says is IGnored anyway :)

Awesome, I admit I can't power ride Voyage, but I am not going to kid myself either. Voyage is the top of the food chain, no doubts about that, but I can't think of anything else above ET though.

On the other hand, we may never agree about Chiller but it is both our rights to disagree.

An Old Coaster fart that refuses to grow old, I just wish many of my friends could have as well!

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