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Hi there, newbie here.
I'm PaYorkie from - you got it! - York, PA. :-)
Does anyone have or know of where to find old pictures of Kings Dominion? I am seeking especially pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro during its heyday, with the gorgeous water falls and the mountain train ride, the rotor, the bayern curve ride, and the themed flume ride.
I'm really eager for as many of these pictures, of old Kings Dominion, as I can find or can be found. Rebel Yell, the Lake, Galaxi, Yogi's Bear Cave, definitely too.

Many thanks
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There's a huge gallery of old Kings Dominion pics on Webshots. Lots of great images on there...I didn't know the park use to have a steam train back in the day until I ran across those pics a while back.

It's almost sad to think about what the place has become after looking through those.

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You can try www.themeparkbrochures.net and look under Kings Dominion.
Not only did the park have a steam train, but it used to stop back in the woods for a wild west show. They had an old west town with 2 story building fronts, horses, a trampoline in what I think was a mock gallows, and lots of hay to fall into. The cowboys would ride around shooting blanks at each other and fall off the buildings into the hay. It was our favorite show there till one year the train just rode by the scene and did not stop. Then eventally they got rid of the train.
I've browsed through that Webshots gallery before--its awesome. The only place I've found with really good pics of the old park. Man, I miss the way that park used to be.

Its funny how something like this can almost bring tears to my eyes:


I remember the singing mushrooms from the movie Rollercoaster! Wow I never realized what KD was like back in the day.

I'm especially fascinated by the Haunted River pics. My friend went there and brought back the View Master pack with a bunch of those pics in it. (We lived way far and I couldn't convince my parents to make the treck back in the day!) This is a dumb question but how was that ride? Also they have that picture of a boat on the ride that had skeletons dressed up like deceased park goers. Is this a promotional shot or actually a prop they kept cycling through the ride?

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