Oktoberfest/Munich 10/06/2013

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Oktoberfest is done, over, 50 weeks of sadness will be upon us! Furtunatly I made it to the fair on it's last day!

Not sure how to write a tripreport about Oktoberfest as it is not a regular themepark, but an experience nobody should ever miss in there lifetime.

Over 6.4 Million people visited this year in just 16 days(compare that to 3.2million in an entire year at Cedar Point) 7 million liter(32oz) of beer was consumed, 114 oxen and 58 calves fell victim to the appetite of revellers and I dont want to even know how many chicken had to loose there lifes.

My day started with a 3 hour trainride from Frankfurt to Munich. My friend Rico from L.A.(a Oktoberfest virgin) came along and now he is a virgin no more.

We started with walking along the "Wiesn" as the locals call Oktoberfest, went to the coasters first. Olympia Looping to me is a piece of art that should be at an museum once the ride will retire. This 5 loop coaster is smooth, fun and with up to 5 trains operating at the same time, there is never a wait over 10 minutes.

Next up was Alpina Bahn, another Schwarzkopf creation that is the biggest non loop traveling coaster in the World. Also rather smooth with some airtime and a lot of twist and turns.

Höllenblitz is a indoor spinning coaster, I honestly dont remember anything of the ride as it just spinns crazy and laser and lights shooting towards you. Basically it is a 2 minute acid trip gone wrong(not that I ever took acid;lol)

There is also a duelling spinning mouse ride there, but we did not go on it as the beertents were calling my name.

Oktoberfest had this year 160 rides that included around 60 flatrides, 5 coasters, funhouses, crazy shows and of course haunted houses. With my limited time and the thirst for beer, it was an easy choice to go for the beertents

These are not really tents as these are massive structures. As I had no reservations, we just asked some people if we could sit on there table and at the end of the night I made new friends. This is basically Oktoberfest, you hang out with 10000 people in a tent, drink some beers, sing along, stand on the tables, have another beer, some amazing food and you dont even realize that you just spent 8 hours having a good time.

I posted some pics in the "Day in picture" forum here, but you have to experience Oktoberfest in person as thru pictures you can not understand the emotional experience of this. You meet people from all over the World, everyone is happy and nice, music is crazy fun(basically they play every song you can sing along with , incl Neil Diamond,lol) and it is really an experience that no regular themepark can provide

Or as my friend from L.A. said "This was the best day of my life"

p.s.here is a lil video, showing 90 seconds of my 8 hours at the beertent


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