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Check out this set of photos compiled by The Boston Globe. Lovely photography, and lots of ride pr0n.

Even more interesting though, read the comments... reminds me of coaster enthusiasts trashing the "GP" like tourists.

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Oh I had flashbacks of our lovely forgotten Schwabinchen girl from Cedar point!

Thanks for the pics - looks like a fun time.

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Wow! What appealed to me you ask?

No, those are honestly fantastic photo's. I cannot believe how many people are gathered all together in one place getting drunk. the one photo looked like a ball room or a recreation room it had drawing's or painting's of people along the walls adjacent the ceiling. Wow! Can you fit any more people in there? Looks like fun.

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I have a Ma├čkrug at home. Everyone should have at least one piece of glassware that holds a liter of beer.

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My goodness. Dirndls and Lederhosen and Spaetzle....got my full-on German going now, LOL.

I should note: The last pic, upper left-hand corner...Anton, Anton, Anton! :)

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Is that the famed Olympia Looping?

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The rides aren't even in the top 3 awesome things about those pictures.


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Look at the Chintzy looking Starflyer!!! ;-)

Ooohhh, pig iron heaven..........:)

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There are 2 large Antons there, Olympia, and a Somethingbhan.

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The Giant Wheel (Riesanrad) is one of the Willenborgs, and it was built by Gerstlaur (who took over the Schwarzkopf business. It's a 55 meter wheel.

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The photos are phenomenal, and the Oktoberfest looks amazing!

Check reader comment #151. RGB may have some explaining to do. :)

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Alpina Bahn...oh my goodness it looks hot...and check out all those blocks, LOL.


You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

^^ They're obviously referring to someone else's bare cleavage. :)

Photo #1- Now I see why the frauleins are all in dirndls; so the customers don't notice that they're getting way more foam than beer.

Photo #14- Is that the cast of Danube Shore?

Photo #17- In America, they would have seat belts, otsr's, seat dividers, and large swaths of duct tape on that ride.

Oktoberfest really is that incredible (moreso, actually :) ) -- I really need to get back there now that I'm not on that damn gluten-free diet. (Yeah, I went all the way to Oktoberfest and couldn't even drink the beer... :) )

Is it a commercialized tourist trap these days? Sure, but a damn fun one...

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#1 - There is supposed to be foam on real beer. The "Eidstrich" aka the line for the real beer is what matters(which is like 20% below the glass) There is a law that makes sure you will get a liter(give or take 10%)beer in a Mass

#14 Danube Shore sounds interesting, but nothing will ever outshine our Jersey Shore Gang, not in our lifetime

#17 It's called Taumler, best ride on any German Fair, especially late at night with all the drunks


I'll be at Oktoberfest on Monday, will try to take some pictures. They wont be as artsy as the Bosten.com pics, but more drunk aka "real". We will see. Been 20 years since I have been there, so looking forward to it!

Whoa, that's one wild ride. It even has it's own fan club. http://www.taumler.de/

One thing is for sure, we'll never see one of these on a fairground in the US.

That is for sure. I've wondered if the ride couldn't be fitted with some kind of restraint to meet US regulations, but then what would be the point? I've seen vids of Taumlers and Tagadas (particularly in latin countries) where the riders attempt to stand, walk around and even dance while the ride is in motion.

I've always wanted to try one (does Blackpool still have theirs?) but I also envision myself at the very first bump flying straight up, back down again, and cracking my head on something!

Munich's Oktoberfest is on my bucket list. I'd like to plan a trip through Europe for my 60th birthday, and i'll definitely have to time it right. In the meantime, every year I scour for photos and vids of the midway and the latest rides. It has to be nirvana for fans of huge portable coasters and the kind of European flats that, for whatever reason, will never make it to the US.

These shots are great, and the fraulines captured sure are pretty. The drunks on the grass is a real thing - there's a grassy area near the tents called "drunk hill" or something where patrons can go, pass out, and sleep it off. I've seen some hilarious vids on You Tube of the drunks just trying to get up there for a nap!

Thanks for the link, Jeff.

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