Oktoberfest 2018 - All the rides

As every year for 16 days the best Amusement Park in the World is in Munich for a little party called Oktoberfest. 7 Million people will visit(some parks would love to have that attendence in a year)

Of course we all know about the 14 Beertents, Beer and good food, but it is also a flatride and darkride heaven. Plus 5 coasters, Some person took the time and filmed all rides of Oktoberfest. The only World Premiere I saw was the Chaos Ride. But I am not going until next week, so maybe there are some more.

Well, here is the video, worth to look at

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What the hell is the thing at 1:27? Are people riding vacuum cleaners?

I understand the crowded nature of Oktoberfest, but what are the crowds *like*? Is it rowdy or more easy-going? Are there long lines for all of the rides, or are they more of a sideshow to the main party?

I really want to make it there in the next couple of years. It combines my loves of coasters, beer, and women with accents. Throw in a Front 242 concert and it'd be perfect.


I went in ‘16. It was a weekend evening. It was pretty busy, but there was a steady rain that kept most of the revelers indoors.
People don’t exactly line up for rides there, they just crowd around and when the ride stops it’s musical chairs. The exception to that would be the coasters and dark rides.
Rides are independent there, and they sell and collect their own tokens or coins. There is no POP available and rides range anywhere from 4 to 6.5 euros. Consequently, the rides aren’t as crowded as you might think. Once again, there are exceptions. A lot of owners use Oktoberfest as a world debut location for their newest piece, and a new spectacular or coaster will always draw huge, continuous crowds.

Have a reservation for a beer tent and take your billfold. The grand total for the two of us with tickets, food, beer, rides, and purchases was about 350 euros. Oh, and we bought clothes ahead of time. There are cheaper ways to do it, but maybe not if you want the once-in-a-lifetime, full experience.

And to alleviate any concern, the girls in their dirndls are adorable and sexy. I’ll also add the men in their lederhosen weren’t bad, either.

At 1.27m is the Event Tower, we had that here in Frankfurt last year. It is a unique place that you can hardly describe, it even has a bar on top. I went on it for drinks and views,lol

As for crowds, it is really not that bad as Oktoberfest is huge. I think I read on yahoo that it is somehow the size of 47 Football field just to give you an idea. So, the first weekend had 800000 visitors, but you would not feel crowded

As mentioned, the rides are expensive, I am a little at shock that Olympia Looping is €10, I think it was €7 last year. They run 5 trains, so they make some good money and you basically have no line as it moves quick.

It is not really rowdy, Germans know how to drink. Plenty of kids and families around too. It is just a fun party. The tents are packed(all tents together have a capacity of 135000 people) and reservations have to be made a year in advance. I usually go every year with a US Friend, with 2 people you can always just join a table if you ask nicely. With more people it will get difficult. During the day maybe not so, but they only play bavarian music, the party music starts after 4 pm

Spending €350 is a lot to spent in one night, but I understand it if it is a once in a lifetime event. Disney seems cheap now, huh? lol I usually only do the Breakdancer(tradition), Teufelsrad which is the best ride ever(tradition), Olympia, Alpina, Höllenblitz coasters, 3 beers and some food in the tents and I come out around €120

In any case, it is worth visiting at least once and you can go to the Department Store like C&A to get Costumes for cheap or just go as you like in a t-shirt and jeans, nobody cares

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I would absolutely love to check this out. It almost looks cartoonish with its sheer size in the best possible way.

Cartoonish is a interesting word choice. I can see it from a foreigner perspective. Oktoberfest is about tradition, the fest turns 185 years old this year. Dirndl and Lederhosen just got popular again in the past decade because girls look good in a dirndl and guys look good in lederhosen.Before only old people were wearing it.(Plus now you can get really low cut dirndl that girls love and of course guys looking at itl)

Oktoberfest seems surreal though, they even have a beer flat ride, you drink and when you get off you have no clue anymore why you did that,lol.

I wrote about Teufelsrad aka the wheel of the devil before. Found a nice video, watch it. Basically, what is more entertaining then having drunk people on a spinning platform? Yup, nothing. If you stay to long at it they throw some foam pumpkin at you. If that does not work, they bring out the lasso to get you of the spinning platform.

The the ride has been at Oktoberfest since 1910 and the beauty here is that you can stay and watch the madness as long as you want or actually try your luck being the last survivor. In this video the last person is a cool girl and wow, they had problems getting her off. She sure did this before or was just really drunk

It is a fun video

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I just threw up 3 times watching that video, but man, I'd love to go there!

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