Okay Buzzers...Holiday World...FIRST TIME

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Long story short...my husband has to take an unexpected trip to Evansville this week, and we decided that since his birthday is Sunday, we're going to go to HW on Friday for the first time. I am uuuuuber excited. So.

1. I always love out of the ordinary suggestions for cool stuff to do either at the park or in the area. =)

2. Anyone going to be IN the area that day? We're always up for meeting up with other fellow enthusiasts. =)


...yeah I need to not work twelve hour days...

Watch out for flying maps!

1. If you are a part of any coaster club, you can get a discount on admission

2. Get there at opening, and proceed directly to Thanksgiving and the Voyage (do not go anywhere near Halloween with the sheep.) Then when the Voyage line picks up (or you cant handle another re ride) do the Turkey Whirl, Pilgrim's Plunge and Gobbler Getaway.

3. Pay attention to when Splashin Safari is going to open and be in your suit and ready to hit the slides at that time. You need to do Zoombabwe (Big Purple Raft Ride,) Zinga (Tornado,) and Baulki (Toilet Bowl) in quick order or else you will wait over an hour for these rides. Once youve done those, grab your shirt and go back into Holiday World

4. Do the raft ride and the flume (lines should be much shorter by now)

5. Do the Halloween rides in the early afternoon for the shortest waits of the day

6. Dont miss the 4th of July flats, especially Revolution, the Eagles, Liberty Launch (that lil Space Shot packs a punch,) and Paul Revere's Midnight Ride (Spider.)

7. Go back and do all the other slides at Splashin Safari during its last 2-3 hours of operation, you should be able to walk onto all the other slides but the ones you did earlier in the day

8. Holiday World does a hard close, so pay attention to how crowded it is because the coaster queues close early.

9. You cant go wrong eating anywhere but may I suggest a Thanksgiving meal at the Pilgrims Cafe.

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1.) Santa Clause just got their first traffic light! You guys could just check that out...

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Har har...the jokes are stunning today. I do so love it when they turn yellow though...

Thanks for the recs Touchdown!

Watch out for flying maps!

Well if you want to see lots of other Coasterbuzzers you could always come to the Fall Affair!!! Plus get lots of yummy fudge and Pizza!

I made my first trip to Holiday World last year and had a blast, hope you do to. Please report back on how Pilgrim's Plunge was. Take some photos and post a photo trip report when you get back.

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I might go to HW on Friday. I do not work until later on that night, it all depends how I feel that day.

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Hmmm...hang out with Andy at HW or have a root canal?

...touch choice...


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Love you, too, Moosh. :)

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I couldn't resist a little dig, Andy :)

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It's all good! :)

Kenmei, the advice from Touchdown is great, but if you are a coaster enthusiast going to HW for the first time you MUST ride the coasters in the order of Raven, Legend and then Voyage. It is an experience like no other, each coaster is special in its own way and when you do them in that order for your first time it will become one of those "spiritual" coaster moments.

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Mamoosh said:
Hmmm...hang out with Andy at HW or have a root canal?

Crazy.. I had that same decision process when you came to Busch.. Stupid doctor rescheduled on me though... :::grumble:::

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Thank god my winning smile and gregarious personality made those two hours bearable, eh? ;)

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..well that and the fact my wife didnt believe that anyone actually associates with me on CB. I won $10 because of you. ;)

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Good to know I'm good for something :)

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lol. Kidding of course..

Yes you are good coaster company.. or something.. :)

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Why thankya...and ditto!

Kenmei- if you're still listening - HW has a couple of little museums that are fun, and might be considered a little out of the ordinary for those of us here - do 'em if you have time.

I would agree with Zakkster about the order of the wood coasters for your first trip - you dont want to waste your day waiting in long lines tho, and "back of the park first" is a good rule there.... hmmmm....

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I would definitely take the coasters in the order that Zakkster suggested. It was suggested for me as well, and I think it worked best. I can't imagine doing them in the opposite order and not being a little disappointed.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

I dont know, before this year I had been to HW only once in my life, I kind of remember enjoying the Legend and Raven but I dont remember them being spectacular. I obviously had read and heard the hype on the Voyage, and it was the reason I came back. I was blown away by the Voyage, but I also was also suprised with how good the Legend was too. The Raven was the only coaster there that rode like I expected it too and it was not negativly impacted by the Voyage.

Raven and Legend have their longest waits of the day right at opening and if you do them first you wont be able to make Splahin's opening. Going directly to the best coaster in the park not only is great way to start your day but you should be able to do all of thanksgiving prior to Splashin opening.

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