OK Coasters now let's get in FORMATION. (Kings Dominion 2016 Part 2)

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We headed out of the park and to our hotel not far away, where I showered and quickly fell asleep. Sunday was Easter, and finding a place for breakfast without a long wait was challenging. We went with our first choice, and it wasn’t the best, even if it did get great reviews online. Oh well.

Since there was so much we had missed at Kings Dominion, we headed back on Sunday. After arriving, it was even deader than it’d been on Friday. We head to Volcano first. I love me some Volcano. When it actually runs, it’s really great. That Launch, doe! I like how they re-did the station and ride entrance. It makes much more sense and is less claustrophobic.

On Friday, the mouse was not running, but it was at this point, so we hit it up. I like it better than the Carowinds version. And yes, wild mice still terrify me. We hit up Dominator with no wait for the front, then got on Stunt Track, which we just kind of forgot about on Friday. Anaconda wasn’t up on Friday, but was running on Sunday. I initially didn’t want to ride, but we did, and it really wasn’t bad. Pretty smooth for an older Arrow. Then we hit up I305 one last time. We hit Delirium up at some point again as well.

I didn’t make it for Kings Dominion’s 40th last year, but the changes they made, the light packages they added, the reintroduction of the singing mushrooms (YAY!!), and overall sprucing up make it look great. I went a lot as a kid, and always loved the park. Now if only they’d reopen the time shaft.

So the weekend was mostly over. We hit up BK across the street, and Isaac drove most of the way home because I was beat. My stamina is quite a bit down what with losing part of a lung. I’d say don’t smoke, kids, but I never smoked and still lost part of a lung. Oh well, at least I’m well on my way to recovery, and still doing the things I Love.

Photos from all my trips right Here.

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