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I know it isn't park related but I'm trying to drum up some support in any avenue I can find. If you decide to close the topic, no hard feelings.


I'm completely disgusted that FOX is going to air the "If I Did It" interview. I think it is an absolute abomination. I sent the following email to FOX executives and I encourage you to do the same.

"Mr. Murdoch and anyone else concerned:

With all due respect, if you decide to air the OJ interview any channel or product associated with Fox will no longer be a part of my household. I'm not shy to say that I regularly watch Fox News and Fox Sports...but I certainly can envision life without them.

The entertainment world keeps pushing the line further and further. You have now crossed it and it is time for common sense to prevail.

I will share this email with all of my friends and family in hopes that they too have decided that enough is enough. I encourage them to voice their disgust as well.


Don Decker

Weston, FL"

I sent the email to the following entities:





If you feel similarly, I encourage you to take five minutes and do the same.

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Everyone already knows he did it. He's more or less just giving the details now that he's scott free.

The title, to me, seems to imply something more along the lines of "If I did it... ;);)".

Just let them air it so that once and for all, the mystery of "how" is solved, because the mystery of "who" has been obvious from day one.


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Yeah... this isn't the place for this. Sorry.

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Closed topic.

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