Ohio Supreme Court unanimously sides with Cedar Fair in passholder class action over Covid calendar

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Cedar Point does not have to refund money to season passholders who were unhappy with how the park handled the pandemic-shortened season in 2020, according to a ruling Thursday by the Ohio Supreme Court. The unanimous court ruled that the park had the right to adjust operating dates and hours without issuing refunds, denying the claim of a Mayfield Heights season passholder who sued the park two years ago, alleging a breach of contract.

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I will never understand how this didn't get thrown out in the first place. For one, as I recall, you could get a refund if you asked for it (though arguably if they didn't advertise that, they should have), and two, you got the whole of 2021 on top of what was left of 2020. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

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I seem to remember them definitively putting the "refund" option out there pretty blatantly, but I could be wrong because I figured we'd get to make some use of it, and if not, they'd figure out a solution, and they did.

I was content with the extra year.

Wait, CF offered refunds and these people still sued? What a joke.

I didn't go to the park at all in 2020, and I feel got full value out of my 2020 pass. Under the circumstances, I can't really fault them for doing what they did with the passes.

(I can...and do...fault them for running the 2020 season the way they did, and if they hadn't extended my pass to 2021, I would have been demanding compensation. But for my case, they made it good and I didn't even have to do anything.)

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Trips to Cedar Point in 2020 were perhaps the only great thing about covid.

Mid-July walk-ons on Steel Vengeance, 15 minute waits for Maverick (mostly because of cleaning procedures). Perfect weather and low crowds. Nice hotels for $90/night.

I bought the passes in 2019 for my whole family. My wife never made it once, but I figured that the rest of us got enough use out of it that I wasn't going to complain.


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