Ohio State Theme Park Engineering Group

CPcisco said:
I have just found out that a group like this is starting up at the University of Toledo. :)

So after I graduate there is finally a campus group that I (probably) wouldn't have been kicked out of. That figures.

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Hey everyone. Just thought you'd like to see some exclusive pictures of Diamondback! We went there last Thursday afternoon for an all-access tour. We got some great up-close time with the trains in the shed so those pictures are especially cool. Be sure to check out the video of Brian explaining how the trains are transferred into the shed each night. Really cool behind-the-scenes stuff you may have never seen before.

All at the blog:

Great footage! That is interesting about the way they store the trains so as to not wear out the wheels. Wish I would have been able to go with the Toledo group, but had classes to attend.

Hi everyone, it's been a while but I'd like to let people we've been featured in the October edition of FunWorld! Check us out on page 42 for a 4-page feature. Really cool stuff!!

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Cool! I just read it online:


Hopefully that URL works. I had to click the cover to view the magazine, since my popup blocker kept it from opening a new window. Then just skip to page 42. Nice article.

Cool article!

It was very well done. I'm willing to be that there thousands of students out there with new and exciting ideas out there for new coasters.

It's possible we may see a new coaster renesance within the next 5-10 years.

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Cool! Purdue Theme Park Engineering just had it's first meeting with our Faculty advisor :)

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Great Alex. Get in contact with us so we can talk about CAPA and other things.

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