Ohio State Fair (Aug 8 & 9)

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My family went to the Ohio State Fair 2 days. This is in Columbus, OH. It was somewhat packed. You have to remember though that these were 90 plus days on weekdays.

Rides I enjoyed were:

G-Force Roller Coaster- I was impressed by this ride. This roller coaster was really small. The seats were sit down, but they look like X seats. However, they don't rotate. There are 8 seats on each side of the ride. They only had one side open. It's a brand new ride made by A.R.M. rides. Anyway, it looks like Vertical Velocity, or Wicked Twister, but much smaller, and sit down instead of inverted. There is a car with a cable attached that brings the roller coaster train up the first hill. It goes up slowly. It would say it's on it's side like 70 degrees or something. So, the people in the front car are facing forward 70 degrees, and the people in the back car are facing upwards at 70 degrees. Some seats are forwards, and some are backwards. Once it gets to the top, it releases. It will than reach the other tower, and go back and forth until it stops. This is an AWESOME ride in my opinion. It went on this a ton of times. I did have some downtime though. This is considering it's a brand new ride concept. The car comes down after the ride is finished, and it hooks up back to the train.

KMG Fireball- This ride is a pendulum ride that goes back and forth, and spins really fast. It's smaller than Max Air, but I think it's much better. It's goes inward instead of outward like Max Air. Too bad, they were only running rides at a minute a piece, but what can you do. It's a great ride in my opinion. Tons of rides on this ride. It's awesome.

Spin Out- As my name suggests, I went on this ride about 10 times for the two days I was there. I would have went on it more, but the person at the fair was a jerk who barely ran the ride on the second day. This is like a claw that goes completely upside down. So, it's a circular with people facing inwards. It did this 7 times. Other ones, I have seen go upside down 5 times, and 4. These upside downs are very intense.

Space Roller- This is a pointless piece of junk in my opinion. This ride just goes every which way, and I can't really enjoy it because it's just stupid. You don't know where in the heck you are going, and I don't care for it. I did ride it 3-4 times, but that's just because people say it's so great, and I just wanted to make sure. It hurts your neck too.

Flying Bobs and Rock N Roll (Flying Bobs)- Flying Bobs is a great Allan Herschell ride. It went backwards, and forwards. It didn't open till later on the first day, but it was open all day the next day. It really fast, and the cars go on there side a lot like they are supposed to. I went on this ride a A LOT. Compared to the Rock N Roll (Flying Bobs), it was like night and day. The Rock N Roll one was fast, but the cars didn't want to tilt very much. It was almost too smooth. I think it has a lot to do with the circumference of the ride also. I think the Flying Bobs is smaller than the other one. The Rock N Roll is made by Bertazzon.

Rock N Roll (Himilaya Type) & Silver Streak- This ride is very comparable to Dorney Parks Musik Express, or Cedar Points Super Himilaya. However, it's very very smooth. It goes backwards and forwards. This is another ride made by Bertazzon, and it looks very similar. Yes, the lights are different along with the people on the ride, but you can tell that they are the exact same manufacture. This ride is good, and I went on twice. Silver Streak runs just like a Wisdom Himilaya, but it's a little slower, and it doesn't go backwards. This kiddie ride gives a nice ride. I only did that once.

Wacky Worm Coaster- I didn't do it for the credit in case you are wondering. I wanted to go on it because I thought was going to be fun. Than, I thought eh, I don't think it's worth going on. Too late, my brother now wanted to go on the ride. Anyway, it's okay. It's nothing great. I don't know if I consider bad or good. It's definitely nothing great. It just has fast helixes. However, I do like that they have little bumps in the track (on purpose) so the car goes up and down during those parts. They aren't real bumps. A catepillar moves like that, you know? So, it was cool that they added that track there.

Drop Zone- It's just a Fabbri drop tower. I always find these carnival drop towers like this, and ARMs Super Shot better than Intamin's Generation Drop 2 because they are so much more intense.

Twister- This is a Fabbri Crazy Dance, or it's like a Break Dance. It's quite fun, and good. The ride is kind of mundane until you get to the last minute and a half of riding. Than, the ride is kind of a Tilt-A-Whirl. They make the floor stop rotating, and each of the individual motors start going. Than, your car swings around as the individual motors start moving. It's hard to explain. That part is really fun. I wish it did that the whole time.

Gravitron, Ring of Fire, 2 Bumper Cars, Wave Swinger, Enterprise, 1001 Nachts, Banzai (=floorless Kamikaze) and Tornado- I didn't go on any of these rides. I just don't like them. However, the Gravitron was barely open. It's probably because of how hot it was outside.

Cliffhanger- It's a typical Dartron Cliffhanger. It's like that Huss Fly Away? at Six Flags New England in which people lay on there stomach. It's a flat ride. Only did that once, and it was fun.

Tilt-A-Whirl- Some cars were better than others. I hate the cars that barely turn.

Zyklon Roller Coaster- This ride is made by Pinfari. It was pretty fun. It wasn't as intense as Wisconsin State Fair was before though. They had the trimmings on this ride. It has helixes, and bunny hills. It's in the order of Wildcat at Cedar Point.

Crazy Mouse- It's the Zamperla Twister roller coaster. I don't like it. There's nothing more to say.

Wristbands were $20 at the fair, and $17 if you bought them before. Admission was cheaper with discounts. One day for us it was $4, and the other day it was $5. Parking was $8. The creme puffs are better at the Wisconsin State Fair. I like how there is an entrance that puts right near the rides. At Wisconsin, you have to walk through everything else to get to the rides. I hate that. I went 2 days to the fair. There is just not enough time for me at the fair.

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I was there on Saturday myself. My first time ever to the fair. I was impressed. Though they didn't have to do much to out-do the Cuyahoga County Fair.

There's some pictures if anyone's interested.

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At that Cuyahoga County Fair, what rides do they have?

Also, do you like the Space Roller, or not?

I went to the fair, thought it was sweet living down the street from the fair, but turned out, it wasn't worth it.

I actually thought G-Force was interesting, looked cool, it was slowly operated, and I wasn't only checking out the rides that was there.

For next year, my goal is to try to influence the OSF staff to include larger rides. Not for capacity, but for variety.

Space Roller was known as the Tango 4 years ago. I wonder where the scenery and other stuff went, but when i rode it new, 4 years ago, it was a lot of fun. the disorienting of the ride, makes it fun.

Also, I agree, the ride operators at the fairs are pretty stubborn. It's their job. That's why you go early morning, no crowds, so you get the longest rides ever.

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Space Roller is a Mondial "Top Scan". This was only my second one. The first being at Canada's Wonderland. I enjoy the ride. Though I would agree it is a little intense for most people. I belive the closer to the middle you sit, the less intense it is.

Considering you said you didn't like it, I'm suprised you rode it multiple times. Did you try different seats.

Cuyahoga County Fair News thread.

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I thought the GForce was horrible....What a painful ride! What the hell kind of transition was that from the first 'spike' to leveling out at the bottom?


I just rode G-Force for the credit. The track shaping was horrible.
I was at the fair last weekend picking up my daughter, she was in the all-State Marching band.

That was my first time there and I was amazed at the size of it. the number of rides amazed me.

Spinout: did you see any of the X-Treme shows? We caught two, one was a CapriSun show with BMX, a skateboader and roller blader. That was amazing.

Food prices there weren't too bad either. 3.00 for a 32 oz tea with 1.50 refills. Italian Sausage for 3.00, again, not bad at all.

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^^^I was really hoping the Space Roller would get better with each ride I took. I didn't. I did try a couple different seats. Most of them were at the end of the arm though. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Hey, they had a Zipper at that carnival. That's pretty nice.

^I did see some bike dude going in the air when I was at the carnival. I didn't go there, and watch it though.

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