Ohio State Fair 2009

What coasters do they have? Any other notable rides? Anything different than past years? Do they have a double ferris wheel this year?

No Sky Wheel. Pretty much the same line-up as last year. Did they have the Rok-N-Roll last year? They do this time...

Three coasters: Avalanche is the Zyklon that used to run at Holiday World, plus they have their spin mouse and Wacky Worm. They have a Fireball and a Space Roller, and I am pretty sure that the ride now called "Extreme" is, in fact, the infamous ReMix, aka ReWeld, that threw a couple of seats when it was here a few years ago.

(the joint in question has been totally redesigned)

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Dave- I think Extreme, while similar, is not the same piece as the Remix that flew apart. Remix was owned by Michael Wood who for a few seasons brought it, Magnum (Mondial Shake), and a Mardi Gras to the OSF. After the accident none of those pieces ever played Ohio again, and I heard that Remix was sold or scrapped. I'll try to find out tomorrow who booked Extreme on.

I've seen Magnum at Minnesota and most recently Florida, where it was sporting a new paintjob (Tom Sellick is no longer featured, thank god). The centerpiece is still the coke can with sunglasses, however, and the center of the sweeps still have the W on them. I love that ride, it's so random, and to me the worst thing about the Remix accident is that it caused us to lose Magnum forever. I don't know of any others that travel in the US.

Speaking of random, Space Roller (Top Scan) is one of the most ingenious and thrilling rides ever. After I think four seasons it's still a big hit here and ran full all weekend. I wish a nearby theme park would pick one up, so I could have more frequent access to it!

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The only one that I know of is operating at Canadas wonderland.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I loved Shockwave at Canada's Wonderland. I may just have to head over to the fair. My wife & kids are there right now. My oldest is a 4H delegate. I told her that she couldn't ride any coasters today. She has been holding her credit on Goofy's Barnstormer over me all summer long.

What I know is that the ReWeld became Techno Power after it was sold the first time, in fact I saw it again at the Ventura County Fair out in California. Hmmm...(user goes and looks at his Ventura Fair photos)...You know, the ReWeld looks like it still has a weld in the middle of the joint that failed, and it runs in my mind that Extreme does not. I haven't downloaded the photos from this year yet, so I can't look at them side by side.

Extreme is most definitely a Tivoli Orbiter with KMG seats on it, making it a Tivoli ReMix. It is the same kind of ride as the ReWeld, but I can't tell you for certain that it is or is not the *exact* same ride.

--Dave Althoff, Jr

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