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This is a continuation from my SFWoA report so here goes.

Woke up Memorial Day morning and checked out of the Super 8 motel on Rte 250 about 9:45 AM. I figured since I was just about 10 miles from the park that I would get to the parking lot around opening.

Wrong. The traffic was backed up on Rte 250 and I didnt get to the lot until about 10:30. No biggie though. I paid the $8.00 parking fee and proceeded to be directed to a parking space. Just curious, is Cedar point drive a man made strip of land leading to the parking booth? I hope thats not the only access to CP area.

When I first saw the skyline for CP I was most definitely impressed with it. WOW, Look at all that sea of steel created goodness. My adrenaline was pumping now.

I proceeded to the main gate with a Pepsi can in hand and paid $29.00 to get in. Not bad.

Since I have never been to this park before I was going to hit the coasters as I saw them. I looked at the map and decided to do a clockwise rotation through the park. I have to say the midways at this park are absolutely huge. Now I understand how this park can handle large crowds without feeling like being in a sardine can. And it was needed because the park was pretty crowded. Well enough of that and now onto the coasters.

1. Raptor, The qeue lines were filled to the brim but I was still going to wait. Total wait was a little over an hour and you guys have made me a believer. The Raptor crew were pumping out all 3 trains consistently. My thoughts on the ride? It was fun, not quite as intense as Batman:TR but the Cobra Roll and final helix were awesome.

2. Blue Streak, Your basic out and back woodie that has some pops of air and a decent speed going through the course. I liked this ride. The sky blue structure is pretty cool.

3. Corkscrew, Your typical Arrow looper. However I like typical Arrow loopers so I enjoyed this ride. The bunny hop after the first hill before the loop caught me by suprise because I launched from my seat. I kind of question a 3 train operation on this ride. Its just to short to handle 3.

4. Iron Dragon, This was my first suspended coaster so I was looking forward to it. The first half was slow and boring but the second half after the second lift hill was pretty cool. The pendulum swinging trains through the turns was a good time.

5. Wildcat, I just looked at this and asked myself why would a park of this stature have a carnival coaster. Didnt matter because this was a cool ride. Quick drops and tight turns oh my.

6. Millennium Force, AH YES, I finally approached this beast and said to myself, "Its now time to experience some serious steel goodness". The wait was a little over an hour. This is a very "FAST" ride. I found myself yelling the whole time through the course. A definite winner. The hand choppers going through the tunnels are pretty wicked.

7. Mantis, This was probably the slowest line in the park. 2 train operation and the stacking was still going on. I noticed the 3rd train wrapped under the track just before the station. This is one huge standup coaster compared to Iron Wolf. I enjoyed this ride and didnt experience any headbanging or crotch crunching :) . Great ride.

8. Mean Streak, Do I really have to comment on this? Yes I will. This has to be the most violent train shaking, no airtime, no laterals, braked hard woodie I have ever been on. Its a shame because the layout of this ride is awesome but is just ruined by all the other things I mentioned above. If they tore this down I wouldnt miss it the next time I visited. Not an enjoyable ride at all.

9. Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cute coaster and just fun in its own little way. Navigating the course above the water is pretty cool.

10. Magnum XL-200, This was another coaster I was looking forward to. Waited about 45 mins and took back seat. The airtime on this steel beast is insane, The turnaround was a little rough but the returning bunny hops were give great ejector airtime and the tunnels are very disorienting. Great ride. The only beef I had with this ride were a couple of the ride-ops. One of them was talking like she was in the military at people and the other one started yelling at someone for standing on the yellow line. To me that was uncalled for and unprofessional.

11. Gemini, I really enjoyed this coaster. Steel track on a wooden structure is pretty cool. The racing of both trains was fun. People were very excited and the ride-ops were making it fun as well. I loved it.

12. Jr. Gemini., They wouldnt let me on because I didnt have a small child with me. :( Oh well!!

13. Woodstock Express, The first helix on this kiddie coaster actually caught me by surprise. Pretty decent laterals but otherwise I rode it for the count. ch-ching!!!

14. Disaster Transport, This is one goofy looking building. I paid $1.00 for the 3-D glasses and waited in line. The 3-D visuals were pretty cool and the ride itself was short but very disorienting. I liked it. Dark and fun. :)

15. Wicked Twisterl, Well it was approaching 8:00 PM and I wanted to get a decent start on my travels back to Chicago but I wasnt going to miss riding Wicked Twister so I headed over to the 200ft impulse. Sorry to say since I was in a big hurry I took the first car I could get my hands on which meant 3rd from the front. Since I was alone they paired me up with this lady and she was already sitting there. I enjoyed this coaster alot but since I wasnt near the back (the money seats), I didnt get the full effect of the rear twist. Great ride.

Well, my goal was to hit every coaster in the park and I succeeded in doing that. My overall impression of this park? ======== :) :) :) :) :) Awesome and very well organized park. Most of the employees were friendly and the dispatching of the coasters (Minus Mantis) were truly unbelievable. A definite winner!!!!!!

Left the park around 9:00 and proceeded back to the Windy City to relax and reminisce about riding 23 new coasters in a 48 hour period.

I enjoyed myself in Ohio.

Thanks for reading. :)

""To be the man, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, You got to beat the man""!!!

Glad you liked my state. ;)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the "causeway" is the "preferred" way to get to CP. However the "natural" entrance to the penninsula is much farther east in Sandusky.

He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking; can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

Den said:

However the "natural" entrance to the penninsula is much farther east in Sandusky.

Ah, yes...The dreaded *Route 2*.

Anyways, great TR on CP and SFWoA, Chitown.

Dayuum, Your HOT!

Extremely cool TR's! I hope to get to Ohio soon!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don' you love SF ?

A great TR! You have to make sure you head back to CP in the future so you can hit Magnum in the ejector seat and Wicked Twister in the back...these are truly religious experiences. Still, you managed to hit everything in one day, which is very impressive. Glad you loved your Ohio trip!

Regarding the Causeway, it was added in 1957 (not sure if the year is exactly correct but I know it is close). Previously, the only way to get to CP was via the Cedar Point Chausee (which connects to Huron to give you an idea of how long it is). Today, there are very nice homes lining the Chausee. On a couple of busy nights when I was a kid, my mom was directed to take the Chausee out of the park, which was a traffic nightmare. I remember it adding a half hour to our trip home. I remember her complaining about it even today when I look back.

I get the feeling there's a conspiracy over at King's Island to remove anything that has "K" or "C" in its initials.

Hey - I'm glad you had a good time at CP! The causeway is the primary method to get to Cedar Point and it can get fairly backed up on summer weekends. I've often thought they should move the tollbooths back a bit or something so they could put a few more in. Supposedly, they can park about 3,000 cars per hour. I'm not really sure how that compares with other places to be honest. On those busy weekends, they'll sometimes direct the people that have come off of Rt. 2 at Rye Beach Road up the Chausee (there's a folding sign along Rt 6 I think) which is a narrow road with houses along the side. There's also a few "shortcuts" that you can use to avoid the 250/Butler St. area. Taking Perkins Road to Pipe St or Remmington (there's a light at this one) and then left onto 6 and right onto the causeway is one of them. The whole Sandusky area really isn't too impressive, but when you curve past the employee housing on the causeway and see the CP skyline, it is all forgotten!

That's too bad about the ops on Magnum. I've heard a few good things about their crew this year and a few bad things. I wish I was there to be honest to try to straighten things out. I know the ATL at the beginning of the year is now on another ride and a new one is being chosen right about now. I was talking to someone on the crew last night and told him that they better quit fighting amongst eachother and start fighting against Raptor because so far I think they're being left in the dust. So to say there's been some turmoil would probably be accurate, but still no excuse for taking it out on the guests. Yelling at people isn't the way to do things. Most people will behave if you ask them nicely. You can tell them nicely once, maybe twice and if they don't listen, they don't ride. The Ohio revised code is good like that...

2001 Magnum Crew

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