Ohio professor helps students beat anxiety and phobias on roller coasters

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Professor Kevin Myer teaches students to overcome general anxiety and phobias through immersion and exposure therapy. This leads him and his subjects to ride roller coasters at Cedar Point.

See the video from ABC News.

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I don't really have as big of a fear as I used to with bees. I was climbing a tree when I was 7. I grabbed on to a hornet's nest, and was basically stung all along my left arm, which I lost feeling for a time in. Now, they don't really fear me because their stings now feel like nothing compared to when I was stung by the whole lot of them.

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bunky666 said:

Aaaand I feel a little sick reading that ^^.

The science of the mind is crazy, isn't it? I wonder if companies have ever considered using a psychologist to assist in designing rides to give them maximum psyche out techniques.

I know one psych-guy who would love to be that guy.


All I can really tell all of you is that the only thing you would need to bring to a therapy room would be a strong motivation to rid oneself of that phobia. That said, I get it...I've been there myself...and every single year there is at least one student who vehemently exclaims that all this "psychology hocus pocus" will not work.

I'm not sure a fear of wasps is such a bad thing. In fact, we're evolutionary wired to fear a lot of things. If you can Netflix and chill, check out Brain Games, Season 2, Episode 4..."Don't Be Afraid".

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Bees. When I see a bee or a wasp, I tell it to be on its way. I ask it not to sting me. If it's in the house, I get it to climb on the fly swatter and I take it outside where it belongs. I like bees. I do not like wasps, but I still treat them with respect.

My fears are plastic dolls, mayonnaise, and glitter. Seriously. Don't judge me. :)

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I was at SFFT last fall and left my refillable souvenir cup in the stroller to go on a ride. Came back and took a swig and got stung in the roof of my mouth. I can't decide if the worst part was the awful taste or the fact that I only spit out half a bee.

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Aw, COME ON MAN!! ^^

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