Ohio passes Tyler's Law to strengthen amusement ride inspections

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The governor of Ohio signed Tyler's Law, which requires the state to hire more ride inspectors, follow ASTM standards and fine operators who do not keep detailed maintenance logs.

Read more from WCMH/Columbus.

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I didn't read the law itself, but I'm not convinced that any of the things mentioned in the bullet points would have prevented the accident at the fair. Presumably the real change would have to occur in what ASTM says, because "check for rust from the inside" isn't really something that legislation is going to mandate.

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Honestly, I haven't read the text of the law yet myself. But from all the descriptions I'm not sure what it is supposed to accomplish; that is, all the bullet points are for things I thought the Ohio Department of Agriculture was doing already. The exceptions are the recordkeeping requirements for operators (and associated fines therefor) and the hiring of additional inspectors, which makes me wonder if the law includes an additional appropriation to pay those new inspectors. I thought Ohio was already enforcing to ASTM standards.
ASTM has taken up a whole bunch of new language as a result of the Fireball incident, adding explicit consideration for corrosion and the possibility of corrosion or other degradation as a result of environmental conditions in recent ballots, so the specific conditions which ultimately resulted in the incident are being directly addressed by the industry.

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