Officials skeptical that Sustainable Playland has an adequate plan for the park

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Several officials are predicting that Sustainable Playland, handpicked by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to take over the county-owned park and ease the strain on the county's books, will not make it through the current review by the Board of Legislators. Despite great fanfare when it was chosen in the fall of 2012, Sustainable Playland has been struggling to satisfy county legislators, neighbors and local officials that it has a viable plan.

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If Rye doesn't make it, that would be 10x the loss of Conneaut. I think the park could make money, but I really believe government over-involvement has been a problem for a long time.

edit: It has come to my attention that Conneaut is only "mostly dead." We apologize for jumping the gun, and wish Conneaut all the best for a speedy recovery/painless death.

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Pepsi Refresh. High five!

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