Official release?

Does anyone know when Nolimits will be oficially released as a full version?
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No, but I wish I did, that is a great game as far as coasters go, but I still think RCT is the way to go, especially for the enite amusment park fun.
RCT compared to NL? Apples compared to oranges? These things just don't work right when you compare them. Simulator or RTS, how are they similar? They aren't, so don't compare them.

And I know when it'll be released. It'll be released when it's done, just like I said Deja Vu would be open when it's done.

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For the most part, I think it IS done. There's probably only minor minor tweeking that needs to be done, such as getting in American measurements as opposed to Metric in the editor.

Probably also some minor bugs in the program itself that need to be ironed out (whatever they are, the demo certainly didn't show any that were clearly visable to me).

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I detect alittle sarcasm in the tone of TrBiggars post there. I thought we were supposed to be nice to everyone?

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