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Please pardon the interruption. I've often made the point that the Internet is full of so much crap these days. Any idiot can put stuff out there.

I want to be that idiot.

I'm slowly trying to figure out what to do with SillyNonsense, the domain I registered 20 years ago so people could watch the grass grow at my house. I'm combining it with a YouTube channel, where I keep the comments off because I don't need to contribute to that dumpster fire. Instead, I'll direct people to my trusty forums. I don't know if people will do this, and maybe I don't even care as long as people LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!1!

Anyway, we often go off-topic in the course of our discussions here, but we try to at least start on-topic. I really respect the folks in this community for our differing opinions but (mostly) respectful interaction. To that end, I'd like to invite you to join me in this experiment, and feel free to post in the forums there on whatever topic you feel like. It may turn out that coasters were the only thing we had in common, but what the heck, I'm interested to see if there's any traction. It doesn't cost me anything more than I'm already spending.

Go to and check it out. And actually, if you do subscribe to the YouTube channel, I may be on my way to making tens of dollars, so help a dude out.

Here's a quick video that Diana and I knocked out... (IT'S IN CINE 4K!!!!!1!!!1!!)

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So this new hangout is pretty much CoasterBuzz but for all things non-coaster related? I'm in!


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I added another drink video... this is my favorite.

Like and subscribe and what not. :)

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