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I went to the off season tour at LC today and got a chance to see all the work that has been done. The reprofiling and retracking of BD and the trains they purchased from Hershey have been refurbished and painted. Zommerangs train has been painted and looks good. We checked out all the work they are doing to Ghost Hunt and seen the new 4 seat cars that are being installed . I took alot of pics and even took some of the concept art of the new expansion that includes a roller soaker coaster and a river battle and lots more. We saw the new Train the park bought from Wild West World. If you have any questions just ask and i will answer them.

Photos are excellent. Thanks.
Cool photos... So I've never been to LC, is that hump completely new or just reworked? Why add it? Just because?

Also, what's the reasoning for the new supports? What was going on? Obviously something was moving that's not supposed to... besides that?

^I'm not sure about that stuff but LC sure is a great place to go! They have some of their left-over charm still in-tact.

Very cool to see new colors on the new trains #3 and #4 for Boulderdash (from Hersheypark Wildcat I presume).

Boulderdash is a great ride! Wildcat is the STAR of the park for me, hands down.

They're really a great class act park, and soda is "included with admission" how cool is that!

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Thats part of the first drop and the train hits it with a ton of speed and laterals. Not sure if the support structure s a new design, but wouldn't doubt it if it were.

The new hump was added where the trick track section was in order to try and slow the train down a little more before the brake run. Next year they are getting rid of the last bunny hop to make the brake run longer and are adding magnetic brakes. They added alot more supports and put steel bracing under the wood supports to strengthen the track. They also did alot more banking on the curves to take away more stress so the track doesnt get beat up as much. They redid 2700 ft of track and spent $2million on it. GCI had a total of 30 workers on the job which took from November til they finished the first week of March. *** Edited 3/31/2008 1:37:01 AM UTC by Ajrides***
^Are you serious!???

I thought the ride was ok at best. I wonder what HolidayWorld puts out! Maybe I just had a bad day on the ride. The return run was really lacking, and they only were running the yellow train (around 2003).

2 mil on a single coaster for upkeep!? Does that include those newer trains from Hersheypark?

Doing work on BD is alot differrent from working on a coaster on a flat piece of land. They had to have special cranes brought in to reach some high spots on the mountain. That price was just for the work on the coaster itself. After this work and what was done in 06 there is only the lift hill and brake run that is original track from 2000 when it was built.
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Ajrides said:
Next year they are getting rid of the last bunny hop to make the brake run longer and are adding magnetic brakes.

You mean the big dip right at the end?

^Yes the dip will be gone and it will go right to the brake run as illustrated in the pic below.

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Woof...that's quite a modification there. Sounds like this could end up being a dramatically different ride...
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Thats a drag that they want to remove that last drop.

That's too bad about removing that last drop. Seems they could put brakes (magnetic or any kind for that matter) on the 'up' swing into the current brake run.
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You really don't want magnetic brakes on upward track, especially after that long a track. In order for them to be effective on a fully loaded train, they'd totally kill an empty train which would then roll backwards and valley.

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