Ocean City Park Two: Trimpers' Rides;Someone Save Me(7/14/04)

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Thursday, July 15, 2004 1:31 AM
Here's the second and most likely last part of my OC trip, unless I decide to go to Jolly Roger's (most of you are probably wishing I don't right now).

The day started off very gray and cloudy. The ocean was polar (I thought I saw some icebergs floating around), so my brother brought the idea of Trimpers' again. The idea didn't seem bad at the time, as we thought it would be a nice cool day at a small park. Unfortunately we got there and the sun blasted out of nowhere, causing sweat to drip from everywhere on both of our bodies. We decided to take a quick lap on Tidal Wave (a Vekoma Boomerang) and I immediately regretted it halfway out of the station. Yourself+ a ride on Tidal Wave=giant headache.

I stumbled off and we jumped on the Himalaya ride, trying to cool off. My brother(he's about 240, I'm about 200) crushed me into the side of the car the whole time. Once again, trying to cool down, we jumped on a funhouse called Pirate's Cove.

It was fun, especially the room where you stand on a bridge and the circular room rotates around you. I just about fell over into the fence when I walked in and my brother tripped over me.

Already I was regretting coming to Trimpers' but I toughed it out and we managed to grab two decent rides on The Zipper, including 5 straight backflips that had me reeling when I got off. After that we tried Slingshot, a teeny tiny tower ride, and The Inverter, which I thought was really fun but my brother wasn't too enthusiastic.

We managed to get some more rides on all of the same things before we nabbed some lunch at Burger King on the boardwalk, followed by some bumper car action. Unfortunately I picked the slowest car and was flattened shortly thereafter.

After being smacked and whacked we decided to take a break from rough rides and hopped onto the Teacups. This is where I feel very baby-ish. For once on a ride, I was scared. For one, me and my brother were both on the verge of falling out of the teacup and we were spinning it wildly. The ride was a very good workout for my abs from trying to keep my head and shoulders from swinging out.

We caught some more rides on Tidal Wave, The Zipper, and Inverter before heading to Wipeout and the Merry Mixer along with another round in Pirate's Cove. Basically we just flitted around the park, grabbing whatever rides we could get. My brother doesn't firmly believe in riding a few rides over and over, so basically we walked around a lot trying to find something he would ride without being sarcastic.


Tidal Wave- Four rides, 6/10

The Zipper- Six rides, 8/10

Inverter- Three rides, 9/10

Slingshot- Two rides, 6/10

Wipeout- One ride, 8/10

Teacups- One ride, 8/10

Himalaya- Two rides, 7/10

Bumper Cars- Four rides, 9/10

Merry-Go-Round- One ride, 4/10

Merry Mixer- One ride, 7/10

Overall the 'park' was pretty clean and tidy. . . the crowds weren't too bad so the waits were virtually nothing (0-5 minute waits every time). I would give Trimpers' a 7/10. If you're in the neighborhood and you need something to waste time and you have money to spend, head to Trimpers' but beware of massive headbanging on Tidal Wave.



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