Ocean City Park One (7/12/04)

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Authors Note:Hey I know water slides aren't roller coasters but they can give the same thrills and more with no restraints. So please, don't hate me.

We got here late on Saturday night and lounged about for a while. . . but then on Monday I decided to go to Jolly Rogers' Splash Mountain.

I paid $20.59 for the evening admission(3:30-7:00) but I got there around four-ish. Still, it was a little overcast so basically NOONE was there. Totally awesome. The slides were great. . . I'll put them down here.

Cannonball:Very short and sweet. . . just a bar to push off of into a triple dip, where the final dip is about a three foot drop into the pool. Very few people rode this so I took advantage of there being no lines (zero minute, zero second wait every time)and did 35 laps on it. It's only about 5 seconds long so it's short and sweet, as stated above. 9/10

Stealth Halfpipe:WOW! Just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm going to fall out of my chair. It's not high, but the first drop is mindboggling, at least a 75-80 degree drop. I really felt like I was going to flip over when I dropped in and it was total and pure bliss. Heaven on Earth. The only problem is the entrance and exit are at like separate sides of the park. Eight times. 10/10

Black Holes:There are two of these, left and right. I liked the right one better because of one simple thing, a sharp turn out of nowhere when it's pitch black. The other one is good but it's not the same. Three times on both left and right. Left:6/10 Right:8/10

Blue Slide:Such a creative name for a dull ride. Nothing special except for a few banked turns that every slide has. Twice. 5/10

Rapids:BORING. I thought it might be interesting because the slide is nice and wide but there's these little things that poke up from the slide and I caught one of them straight up the. . . well the part that you sit on the tube with and wow. . . that hurt. Just about flipped over at this one turn both times I rode it. Two times. 4/10

Body Slide:This is a good ride, very fun banked turns because both times I rode it my arm swung off of the side on all the turns. The only problem is ridges. At the top of the slide it seems like they took their time and made sure it was smooth. At the bottom it's like they were drunk or something, because the bottom half is hell on your back. Two times. 6/10

Double Tube Slide:Nice, enclosed slide made out of blue plastic so you could see a little bit. Fun. Twice. 7/10

That's the first park, I don't know how many more I'll do. I think I'm going to go to Trimper's Rides at the end of the boardwalk for the $15 12-6 ride anything special on Wednesday, but between then and now the beach sounds good. Oh yeah, and laser tag!


Wow! I have absolutely no idea where or what that park is but sweeet trip report:)
It's in Ocean City, Md. Jolly Roger has been around a long time, probably at least the late '60's. It's a nice little family park with lots of flat rides, I believe a go-cart track, and the water park,

Recently I realized that I have ridden the same coaster in my track record twice. King Cobra was originally at Kings Dominion and I rode it there. It was later moved to Jolly Roger and I also rode it there...at the time I didn't realize it had been moved and I thought I had ridden the ultimate of clones!! It was only there 1 season, as this ride was much larger than the usual thing they have at this park. I wonder where it is now...anyone know?

Trimper's is even older...in fact the indoor part is absolutely ancient...now close to 100 years old. There are rides in there that are absolute classics...the carousel, the incredibly old whip, the funhouse mirrors, and so on. It's the one place where there are rides that you, your dad, your granddad, and your greatgrandad could have ridden. You can add to your track record outside on Tidal Force, a nice little boomerang. *** Edited 7/13/2004 8:25:07 AM UTC by micrip***

"How was your ride?"
Tidal Wave, micrip. Yes, Jolly Rogers does have lots of flat rides and go-karts and it's also got a coaster called Wild Mouse that looks somewhat new.


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