Ocean City MD, Atlantic City & Seaside Piers 6/9/07 !

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Two of my friends and my 5 year old sister decided to go down to Ocean City Maryland on Mon to get some cheap credits. It only took us about 3 hours to get to Ocean City from NJ so we arrived around 1pm.

The first park that we decided to hit was Trimpers. The park is your basic pier with some basic rides and coasters. We bought our tickets for 50 cents a piece then went to ride the Chance Toboggan.

This Toboggan was pretty much the same as Lakemonts. The lift was weird the helixes were boring and the bunny hills were rough. The cars were like coffins as well. On the bright side though the ride was very padded so it didn't actually hurt. 4/10.

Next up was Tidal Wave the Vekoma Boomerang. This was your pretty typical boomerang. It was pretty rough compared to others I have been on. The only other one that was as rough as this one was Sidewinder at Hershey. Since it was an actual full size coaster though I'll give it a 8/10.

Next up we hit Sooper Jet the kiddie coaster. We were able to ride because of my little sister but we barely fit into the car. My knees were in my chest the whole time. Overall 2/10.

Lastly we hit Wacky Worm which is a family coaster so anyone can ride. This was a smooth fun little ride. The section with 7 or 8 bunny hops was actually fun to. 4/10.

Next we went across the street to hit up Jolly Roger At The Pier. The only ride we rode here was they're Looping Star. This ride is the exact same one that is at Beech Bend. It's an ok ride, it's not as rough as people make them out to be but they are uncomfortable. The loop feels way to small as well. 5/10.

Next we went across town to Jolly Roger Amusement Park. The first coaster we went to here was their Wacky Worm. My buddy and sister didn't want to ride this one so I rode it with my other friend. This was a smooth one but I thought we were going to valley because all the weight was in the back. We made it though. 3/10.

Next we hit the new coaster Racing. This is your standard Flitzer ride for those familiar. This was an ok ride it was smooth but pretty forceless. Still it was a credit 4/10.

Next we drove to Atlantic City to hit Steel Pier. We got there around 6:30 pm and headed straight for the Little Leaper kiddie coaster. First off I have to say that wow 4.50 to ride this is insane. The ride was so so. At least they send you around 6 times. 3/10.

Next up was the Crazy Mouse. This was 7.50 to ride. Once again wow. This was probably the best spinning mouse I have ever ridden though. It spun worse than the teacups. 8/10.

Lastly we hit Disk-O. This was expensive as well but was pretty fun. I loved the spinning and the disco music playing throughout the ride. Overall 7/10.

Next we drove to Seaside Heights and arrived around 9:30 pm. We went to Funtown Pier first and headed for Mighty Mouse. This was a very unique mouse. I'm not sure who made it but it had cars like Flitzers do. It also had a curving drop and a helix. There was also decent airtime since there are no restraints. 7/10.

Next we hit Cliff Hanger the looper from companies unknown. This was alot smoother than I expected and the loop was pretty intense. The cool sea air was nice as well. 6/10.

Lastly we hit Funtown Family Coaster. This was a fun little coaster but once again nothing special. It was pretty much your typical family coaster. 4/10.

Next we went up to Casino Pier. The first coaster we hit was Wild Mouse. This was another unique mouse that features curving drops airtime and helixes. I believe this was a Miler. 6/10.

Next we hit up the Disk-O which was new for 2007. This one was as good as the other. It was smooth and an overall fun ride. No disco music played though so it only gets a 7/10.

Next we hit up Pirates Hideaway also new for 2007. This ride was pretty lame. The trims were on painfully hard the trains were hard and the bunny hills hurt. I prefer the old Wizards Cavern in this building to this ride. 2/10.

Next we hit up Hot Tamale another family coaster. Smooth, boring moving on. 2/10.

Lastly we hit Star Jet. I believe this is a clone of Jack Rabbit at Celebration City but I'm not sure. This ride had some good drops and some nasty turns but it was probably the most complete coaster of the day since Tidal Wave. 8/10.

The ride ops didn't take our tickets so we rode the Haunted House. This was a fun house but not as good as Knoebels. My sister was also pretty freaked out by it. 7/10.

Once again the ride ops didn't take our tickets so we rode the Disk-O one more time. After this we went home exhausted. Despite 97 degree temperatures and mediocre credits I actually had more fun on this mini trip than my mid west one a few weeks ago.

Sounds like a great trip. I live only a short drive from Steel Pier so we go there alot. I generally dislike Wild Mouse type coasters but their's truly is fun! Trump has supposedly changed his mind on the whole condo project so the Pier should be staying open. The guys who run it told us they are getting a new coaster for next year. I'm thinking it will be a mine train type based on the space where thy're putting it. We'll see.

Anyone planning to go, check their website. They often have half price ticket sales if you buy through the site. Also, the parking lot across the street from the Showboat usually has an unmanned booth so parking is always free with the exception of Saturday night.

Sorry to hear Pirate's Hideaway wasn't so good. We were planning a trip up there soon.

Glad you had fun!

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